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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wardrobe Advice Needed!

As most of you know, I am getting ready for my TV debut next week! Yay! I'm so excited! But now comes the hard part...figuring out what I'm going to wear! So I'm enlisting your help. I bought a dress today (at my favorite store, Target!). But I'm having a hard time figuring out the jewelry/hair part of this equation. So I need your help.

First issue...jeans or tights? Or it doesn't matter since it probably won't show anyway.

Next earrings or hoops with brooch?

Last down, low ponytail, or high ponytail?

Hair down...

Low Ponytail...

High Ponytail...

So please, girls, I need your advice! Let me know what you think about the jeans/tights, jewelry and hair. Thanks so much!

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  1.'s my vote:

    Tights definitely, I like the hoops & brooch combo...and I think your hair down looks great...either that or down low :)

    GOOD LUCK! You'll look beautiful ANY way! :)

  2. How exciting!

    with tights is adorable.
    pony tail

    Such a fun look!

    Good luck with everything.

  3. I agree with the:
    hoops & brooch

  4. tights
    hoops and brooch
    high pony, but maybe add a little interest to the front by adding in some twists or braids.

  5. definitely tights. definitely hoops. definitely hair down.

    Good Luck on Monday!

  6. Congrats Rebecca. I vote tights, the hoops and brooch are fun. Hair looks good anyway, but if I had to choose I would say down.
    -Heather Hussong

  7. Tights, hoops, and down or high pony! :)

  8. Tights, hair down and do you have a necklace??

  9. tights hoops maybe a bangle bracelet? and not sure on hair. down and up both look great. depends on make up? remember tv makes everyone larger than life...thanks hi def. if you do do pony, go for the up one. you look energetic with that.

  10. Tights, hoops, hair down :) Good luck!

  11. Tights, hoops with brooch and hair down! Can't wait to hear all about it! ♥

  12. I didn't read the other votes yet - I didn't want them to sway me.
    Jeans w/ the dress.
    Hoop earrings and brooch.
    Low pony tail.
    You look AWESOME!! -Any way you wear your hair or clothes.

  13. Hi!
    I'd say tights, hoops and hair down. Do you have a wide black belt? That would be cute. A scarf would be cute too with no brooch and hair up. :)
    I bought that same dress in the kalki color!

  14. Okay so I shouldn't have read all the other comments before writing, but I liked the jeans, hoops and brooch, and your hair down :)

  15. Tights, hoops with brooch, and hair down! :-)

  16. I think we almost all agree! Tights, hoop broach, but I like the hair up high :) either way you look gorg

  17. Tights, both jewelry options are great, and hair down is my vote. Good luck!

  18. Hi Rebecca! You've got some fun things going on you think there will be opportunity to post your clip for those of us non-locals?

    I vote for tights, hair down, and hoops/broach. That being said, I agree with the suggestions of trying a scarf or necklace, maybe something with a pop of color...I definitely think if you go that route, your hair would look great up, too! Most importantly, have FUN!

  19. I vote for tights, hoops/brooch combo and hair down. It looks great up though too, but maybe add some color around the neck?

  20. I like, tights, with your hair up!

  21. tights
    long hair

    Good luck! :D
    Do you think that I could see you, on internet, after the show is broadcast?

  22. Tights with hair down, hoops and the brooch!


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