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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WIWW: Goodwill Necklace

I have always enjoyed reading The Pleated Poppy’s weekly series, What I Wore Wednesday (WIWW). It has really made me think about what I wear each day. Granted, most days I’m still in a cotton T-shirt and yoga pants, but at least a couple of days a week, I actually put some thought in to what I’m wearing.

One of my goals is to accessorize more. I usually just throw on a shirt, pants and shoes and head out the door. But I am trying to introduce some accessories to jazz things up a bit. So I am super excited about this necklace I found at Goodwill for $4! I can already feel myself breaking out of my comfort zone :)


IMG_3729 IMG_3727

So here’s the breakdown:

Tank, T-shirt, Cardigan – Target

Jeans – Calvin Klein (thrift store find, too short as pants, perfect as capris!)

Shoes – Payless (years ago and I hope they never fall apart because I LOVE them!).

Necklace – Goodwill

Hat – Local Import Store (this is my can’t-live-without accessory!)

I meant to have more pictures to share this week but between feeling sick and not having the energy, this is all I’ve got to share. Hopefully next week I’ll have more!

Are you guilty of the yoga pants/T-shirt look? If you’re a stay at home mom, do you get dressed “up” everyday? What’s your can’t-live-without accessory?

Go check out what everyone else is wearing this week:
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  1. great find! it actually resembles a necklace i made about a year ago! :)

  2. Visiting via The Pleated Poppy.

    You are completely adorable!

    I am currently hosting a Royal Wedding Wear GIVEAWAY featuring reader bridal gowns, hats, veil and engagement rings. I'd love for you to link up.

    Past posts are ok.

  3. The necklace is gorgeous! This year, I'm purchasing all of my clothes/shoes/accessories from the Goodwill. Great job accessorizing. I can imagine the necklace with evening wear too! Very elegant.

  4. oww oww owww (welcome back carter style). i love that necklace. i think what motivates me to atleast look decent is that it teaches my daughter to take care of her self too. if i just roll out of bed and dress according to sleepware for when we go on our outings, i know down the line it will come to haunt me. taking care of ourselves on the inside and outside shoulld go hand in hand.

  5. CUTE. I love the hat. And the shoes. Oh, and the pants. And yes, the necklace! You look comfy and stylish to me! :)

  6. Hi! Love the necklace. I bet you were so excited to grab that up at GW. The shoes are so cute too.
    Have a great day!

  7. Love the necklace! Outfit is adorable and so wish I could pull off wearing a hat. I feel I look like a boy! LOL I have been haunting my Goodwill for jewelry too and scored a few items this past weekend. Featured one in my WIWW. It's FUN to find them at cheap prices!

  8. Feel free to link this awesome necklace to my Fashion Friday!!!!


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