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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm Packing My Bags

Ok, so I'm not really going anywhere, but I totally wish I could live in this house.

I came across this post on Vintage Sassy, appropriately titled "OMG...the cutest house!". It's a tour of this adorable, colorful, cheery house that belongs to Kelly Rae Roberts. The night I saw the post, I spent probably 45 minutes carefully deconstructing every photo of her home. I love everything about it. I love the color, the old mixed with new, the bright linens. Everything!

And I'm totally stealing the idea of her Wall of Letters.

Remember the "M" I made to hang above my husband's nightstand? I'm going to start collecting more letters to hang with the M!

So after stalking her home for the better part of an hour (I know you're a voyeur like me, just admit it!), I realized that Kelly Rae Roberts is an artist and I have one of her prints! Now I love her even more! So go check out Vintage Sassy's post because there are more pictures (Yay!) and definitely go check out Kelly Rae Roberts' website and keep an eye out for her art. It's so cute!

P.S. I have revisited this site several times because it makes me smile :) and I hope it does you, too!


  1. love the color and the mixtures, what I call young, fresh vintage! Lezlee

  2. that completely looks like you! the colors and patterns- love it!

  3. i love that look too! i think i will do that wall of letters. we are about to do an addition to the house and this will be right up my alleyway.

  4. I love this house!! I wish my house was colorful and cheerful like this one. I love all the colors. I'm visiting from New Friend Friday. I'd love for you to check out my blog too:

  5. I love love that house! I'm filing this way in decor ideas. Seems so cheerful!

  6. I love Kelly Rae Roberts, I have her artwork hanging in my house too! Great post!


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