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Friday, March 4, 2011

Future Project Friday #17 - Quilts

I have always loved quilts and I have always wanted to be a quilter. I love the look and the history of old quilts. The problem is, I am not a quilter. I made my husband this T-shirt quilt last year, but I’m embarrassed to say, I still haven’t finished it. I can totally do the piecework, but after that I’m completely out of my element.

You all know about my fabric addiction, well I have recently begun collecting vintage sheets. I didn’t have a plan for them, I just knew I loved them and I figured I’d incorporate them into a project at some point.

But imagine my sheer elation when I came across this beautiful quilt made out of vintage sheets!

Vintage sheet quilt

The quilter behind this beauty (literally!) is Jeni from In Color Order. She made this Vintage Sheet Quilt using fabric from her own collection of vintage sheets (which she also sells in her Etsy shop). Just look at her beautiful assortment.

Vintage sheets

My little collection looks really sad compared to hers :( But it’s a start. Maybe by the time I amass a collection like hers, I will have learned how to quilt!


Ok, so as if you’re not already impressed by her awesome quilt, can I just tell you that Jeni is a senior in college? Yah, college. I feel so inadequate. She’s quilting up a storm and I’ve finally just mastered the art of sewing in a straight line! But seriously, she’s cute as a button and she’s got mad quilting skills! So go check out her blog and her shop.

So on my long list of To-Do’s is to learn to quilt. Do any of you quilt? Any other vintage sheet collectors out there?


  1. wow, that quilt is a beaut! A senior in college? crazy!
    she does have a lot of sheets, but your collection is so cute! You'll get there!
    ps thanks for displaying the circle of bliss button! :)

  2. I am blushing! Thank you for your kind words! :)

    This is actually a really awesome quilt pattern, would be great for a beginner! It takes advantage of a time saving template that makes it go really smoothly! Good luck in your quilting adventures!!

  3. I too wish I could quilt, someday I think I will attempt this, but my sister has mastered it, so I feel I should leave it to her...maybe not.


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