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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Few Projects

The house is quiet tonight. My sister left to go home today :( and my husband and kids don't get home until tomorrow :)

So instead of spending this time cleaning and putting the house back together after a week of kid-free projects, I'm instead vegging out in front of the computer and watching The Office. I figured I'd try to be a little productive and show you a few of the MANY projects my sister and I completed this week.

As you know, my sister and I spent the better part of the week working on my living room/dining room makeover (I will have pictures up soon, I promise. I just have to finish hanging everything on the walls and making it look all cute). But that's not the only project we worked on. This is how we spent much of our week...

Remember this T-shirt project I told you about in my last Future Project Friday post? Well I completed my own shirt. Cute, right? And for only $3!

But not all of our sewing projects turned out quite so cute. My sister has a book with lots of patterns in it for repurposing T-shirts into various clothing and household items. She wanted to make some yoga pants. Well, they didn't quite turn out as planned...

We had many names for these pants: wrap pants, rap pants, crap pants, crazy pants & funky pants.

They don't look so bad when used for yoga, but they are still kind of crazy.

Since he's been in Miami, my son (he's 3) has been thinking that Mommy and Tia Jennifer were painting his room, namely his door. He wanted a red door, because that's his "favorite color...and pink and purple." Well my sister felt bad for him that he wasn't getting a new door, so she decided he needed a mini makeover in his room. Here's what she came up with...

I decorated my son's room in a vintage cowboy theme when I was pregnant with him. That's how it is still decorated. But my husband has been begging me to redo the room in a sports theme. I guess we just started the makeover with these new drawer pulls! It's not a red door, but I'm sure my son will LOVE the new look of his dresser!


  1. Hi Rebecca,
    Oh how I love seeing redos. I can't wait to see yours. Isn't orange fabulous? Always love to talk to a fellow orange lover.


  2. I can't wait to see your living room! i bet you laughed until the soda came out of your nose, when you saw those pants, they actually ended up looking OK


  3. wow! you've been busy!!!
    I like the crazy pants! :)

  4. Your son will think his drawer pulls are very cool. Glad to see your sister was able to get around with her broken toe.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the results of all your hard work.

  5. OK, those pants made me giggle!

    Thanks for helping me not feel so bad. LOL


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