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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Hate Goodbyes...

Goodbyes are always so hard. I had to say goodbye to a good friend today...the embroidery machine I had borrowed while my sister was in town (thanks, Sharon!).

When I first brought the machine home, I figured I'd put a few initials here and there but I never dreamed I would grow to LOVE that machine so much! I found myself buying dresses for my daughter just so I could embroider them. Every gift I made I found a way to incorporate a name or an initial. It was beginning to become an addiction.

But, all good things must come to an end and today I returned the embroidery machine to its rightful owner. I'm not going to lie, there were a few tears last night as I packed up the machine.

So to help with my mourning period, I decided to show you a few of the many projects I completed with my friend, Bernina's help. (Unfortunately, many of the projects I can't show you because they are gifts that I haven't given yet.)

Here are some clothes that I monogrammed for my daughter as well as my son's Lightning McQueen Apron.

Some doll dresses I monogrammed for a friend of mine. (This is one of my favorite projects. I would've loved to have my doll dresses monogrammed when I was a little girl.)

And a pennant banner for a friend's little boy who just turned 5.

Not pictured are some blankies, keychains, more clothes, adult apron, school uniform, and a few more child aprons.

Goodbye, Bernina. I will miss you. However, the good new is, now my family knows what to buy me for Christmas! Hint, hint ;)


  1. I want an embroidery machine SOOO BAD! Some day!

  2. I love everything! How fun! The baby doll dresses are my favorite!

  3. oh i am so sorry! i know bernina will be greatly missed.


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