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Monday, August 8, 2011

Truth Be Told Tuesday #17 - Dirty Laundry

Hello friends! Welcome to another edition of Truth Be Told Tuesdays! If you're new here, this is a day for us to share our truths in an effort to support one another in our imperfections. Thanks to all of you that participate each week. It's so much fun when you all join in on the fun!

Truth Be Told,
I don't always wash my stinky, sweaty clothes before wearing them again. Some of you may remember that I practice yoga twice a week (I've even confessed a little something about it before!). Sometimes, after class, I come home, take off my sweaty shirt, but don't put it in the dirty laundry! I figure, what's the point in washing it if I'm just going to wear it to go to yoga class again? It's not like I put it on to go to the grocery store or anything (because that would be really gross ;)

Ok friends (if you are still my friends after that confession), now it's your turn! Tell us your truth!

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  1. Ha ha! As long as you're not the stinky girl in yoga class, I say go for it!!

    Hmmm, let's see, truth be told.....My husband just worked 4 days in a row. The day before he left, I pulled out the vacuum so I could get some cleaning done. The vacuum sat in that same spot in my living room for all 4 days that he was gone! I finally did a half-ass vacuum job last night before the kids went to bed. I am SO lazy! But, my hubby came home this morning, the vacuum was put away and the carpet looks fresh-ish. He's none the wiser :)


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