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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yoga as Food for My Soul

We all need things in our lives that feed our soul. For me, one of those things is yoga. I wish I could practice it every day, but time (or lack thereof), money (again, lack thereof) and children don't always fit in to the yoga equation. I don't know if I qualify as a "yogi" or not, but I practice yoga twice a week and am even Level 2 certified to teach it. But sometimes the responsibilities of being a wife, mother, small-business-owner-hopeful, woman, sister, daughter, social worker, and crafter leave little room for those "extras" in life.

My yoga instructor at home often says that those days when you don't feel like coming to class are the days that you probably need it the most. I would argue that we as women often do this to ourselves in life in general. That which we brush aside as being unnecessary are probably those things that we really need to feel good about ourselves. It may be a small thing like getting our nails done or buying a new pair of jeans or going to a yoga class, but it's important to us and it makes us feel happy. We tell ourselves that we can do without. But I say we shouldn't do without. Because when we are happy with ourselves we are better mothers, better wives, better women. I am not suggesting that you blow the family budget on a new pair of Lucky jeans, but maybe a nice pair of Levi's.

While out of town visiting my family, I have decided to make this my own little yoga retreat. My parents are here to watch the kids and my mom has graciously given me several passes to attend classes at a nearby yoga studio. In just over a week I've been to 3 different classes and am hoping to attend several more this week. I decided that I needed to feed my own soul in order to be better able to feed the souls of those around me.

Find what it is that feeds your soul and make room for it in your life! Your family will thank you for it ;)

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  1. i did yoga on tuesday for 10 minutes (it is a quicky version) and man, my stomach is so sore. upward facing dog my butt---lord. i am trying and yes, it is good for the soul


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