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Monday, February 8, 2010

"Your Body is a Wonderland"

After having a baby, a woman's body is definitely a wonderland...only not in the sexy way John Mayer talked about in his song. It is a wonderland filled with oddities, embarrassments and a wealth of new experiences that no one really prepares you for.

After yoga class tonight, a fellow yogi who has a new baby at home was discussing some of her new-found oddities that seem to be unique to yoga class. I'm an open book when it comes to pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, I shared my experiences with her and assured her that it was completely normal and we've all been there.

But it made me consider why we, as women, don't share these experiences with our friends and sisters. Is it because we don't want to scare them ("they'll find out on their own")? We don't want to admit to our own post-pregnancy oddities ("that never happened to me")? Or maybe it's just because once we've been through it we have selective memory about those embarrassing moments (doubtful)? Whatever the reason, I say let's start telling it like it is!

I've made it my personal mission to make sure my own sister knows all the gory details of my pregnancies, childbirths, breastfeeding issues, etc...(whether she's asked for it or not). I can still remember the horrific wonderment with which she looked on as I pumped using my double, electric breast pump. I made her watch it because I wish someone had done the same for me. I didn't know what to expect (and quite frankly was a little scared and freaked out) the first time I had to flip the switch on that breast pump. But at least when it's my sister's turn, she will know exactly what to expect. Then, and only then, will she thank me. You're welcome, sis!


  1. this so makes me laugh. each valentine's i would do the traditional bikini wax and have a large charge on my credit card from victoria secrets...these days i am happy to shave my legs and wear comfy cotton leggins and stretchy shirt that shields the saggy boobs. oh vey to motherhood

  2. I totally know what you mean! :) Maybe when our children get older we can go back to our pre-motherhood rituals!


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