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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reversible Baby Doll Bib

As you may remember from a previous post, I made some baby doll diapers for a 3 year old little girl's birthday. According to her mom, she LOVES the diapers! Every night her dolls must put on their "pull-ups" (she's potty training) before they go to bed.

I decided that her dolls needed a matching bib to go along with their stylish new bloomers.

I used one of my daughter's bibs as the base for my pattern. I found the smallest one she had and traced around it. I then brought it in about 1/4" on all sides. Here's what my pattern looked like:

I decided that I would make the bib reversible so it would match either of the diapers I had made for the birthday girl.

I traced my pattern on each of my 2 fabrics, cut them out and then sewed them, wrong sides together. Be sure to leave an opening at the bottom so you can turn your fabric.

I used a wooden skewer to get the edges turned nicely.

After I turned the bib, I ironed it then sewed the opening closed. Next I sewed on my velcro. I sewed one piece on each side of the bib so it would be reversible.

And voila! A reversible baby doll (or teddy bear) bib to match the cute doll diapers.

This project was really easy and fast. I think it only took me about 30 minutes from start to finish. If you've already got your fabric washed and ironed for the doll diapers, why not make a quick bib to match! I think the next set I make I'm going to make the diaper reversible too!

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