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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Plates or Art?

So I'm working on a few projects right now, but none are complete and ready to post about yet. So I thought I'd post some tips/ideas from projects around the house that I have completed.

When I was decorating my daughter's room, I wanted something to hang over the twin bed in her room that would make a big statement. Sure, I could've found a picture to hang, but that seemed a little boring. I decorated her room in a "shabby chic" style so I wanted it to be something that appeared vintage.

I had been collecting blue and white plates for a long time, with the intention of hanging them in my yellow and blue bedroom (we've since moved and no longer have a yellow and blue bedroom so the plates were collecting dust in a box in the garage). I decided they would be the perfect accessory for my daughter's wall. They are colorful, high impact, I could design the shape I wanted and best of all, it's a pretty inexpensive "art" piece. I found most of my plates at garage sales, flea markets, antique malls. I bought a bunch of plate hangers (for just a dollar or so each), layed out my design and finally got to hang my blue and white plates (or rather my mom did since I was about 9 months pregnant at the time!). And here it is...

Just because they're plates, doesn't mean you have to hang them in the kitchen. They look great in a bedroom or even a living room. I'll bet if you check your cabinets, you've probably got some stray plates that would love to hang on the wall, rather than be banished to the back of the kitchen cabinet! Happy decorating!

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