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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crayon Containment

In an ideal world, my son would remove only the crayon he is using at the time, color with it, then gently return it to its rightful spot in his like-new Crayola box. In reality, most of his crayons are broken, there's barely a shred of paper on any of them, he usually dumps them all out at once just to find the perfect purple one, and the Crayola box hasn't been seen in months. Not to mention the fact that the crayons multiply. He picks up crayons from restaurants, adds a few pens and colored pencils here and there and voila! his 48-pack of crayons is now a 112-pack of various writing instruments and other treasures.

So where to house this overabundance of artful tools? I was at a loss until I remembered how my genius friend, Alyssa, solved this very same dilemma.

See? I told you she was a genius! It's really a WIN/WIN/WIN situation. I now know what to do with all of those extra wipes cases I get every time I buy a box of wipes (they usually go straight to the recycle bin), my son can open the box all by himself (which he is very proud of)...

...and finally, we have CRAYON CONTAINMENT!


  1. if you get brave, melt some in a muffin pan. they make great hand held crayons

  2. Thanks for the great idea! I've actually been wanting to try that. I want to find some cute molds to melt them in.

  3. We do the same thing! I have two boxes at our house, one for crayons and one for markers! I think the best thing is that they are basically free:)


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