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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Costumes

For all of you moms out there, I'm sure you are frantically trying to locate the perfect Halloween costume for your little ones right now. My son decided he wanted to be a dinosaur this year. Fortunately I was able to borrow a costume from another mom in my PTA (Thanks, Sara!). And my daughter is going to be a Lady Bug (because I already had the costume...and she's still too young to have an opinion...thankfully!).

But let me ask all of you moms a question. When did Halloween Costumes cost at least $30 (for the cheap ones) and up? I can remember being a kid and constructing my costume from whatever we could concoct from our imaginations and our mother's closets.

I know, I know, "I used to have to walk to the snow...uphill...both ways..." Maybe I'm just being cynical and reminiscing about different times, but am I alone in this nostalgia? Or maybe I'm just cheap?

(Last year's costume courtesy of Grandpa)


  1. i hear ya on the expense. each year my mom and i would sew up some elaborate costume sans pattern and i always won costume contest. something to be said about doing it yourself and feeling proud. now, i depend on convience and time. i haven't kept the tradition (sorry mom). i have found all of mine at thrift stores for less than 10 bucks, which in my opinion, bets sitting up late the night before Halloween sewing.

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  4. Adorable picture!! The best costumes I can remember were those we put together at home. I think being partical has to be part of the plan.

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    Apron Senorita

  5. my mom makes my kids costumes as she used to make ours when we were kids, but even so, it costs almost as much just to make one these days, too. it's insane! i don't think you are being cheap or cynical. rather you are a real mom on a real budget who wants your kids to have a cool costume! i am sure you will come up with something great.


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