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Friday, October 29, 2010

Meal Planning

Meal planning is something I think most of us moms struggle with. Since we (maybe just me) get bored with the same ol' same ol', I usually end up going through cookbooks trying to find something new and nutritional that my entire family will eat (no easy task). Then I have to figure out what ingredients I already have and those that I need to buy. Then comes the trip to the grocery store (where I inevitably forget some important ingredient). And forget about couponing. Who has time for that? It's all a bit of a pain and it's very time consuming!

As I was leaving my son's preschool yesterday, some of the mom's were talking about this meal planning website called e-mealz.

Apparently, for $5 a month, you get a weekly meal plan (that can be specified for vegetarian, low fat, etc...), recipes and a grocery list. You can specify what grocery store you shop at (Kroger, Wal Mart, even Aldi!) and the grocery list will also indicate what items are on sale at that specific grocery store. The only recipes they repeat are those that are tried and true favorites. And they only repeat them every 4-6 months. They are also aware that most of us are working on a budget and try to keep the grocery list to about $75 a week.

This really seems to good to be true, I just knew I had to share it with you all! It seems like it would make life so much easier. And it might introduce some new recipes into our family's rotation. Has anyone out there tried this? I really think I might give it a go.

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  1. I LOVE e-mealz!!! It's really helped me and I absolutely recommend it! I wrote more about it here: (the giveaway is over tho)
    I sound like a spokesperson for them. ha! But it's something that has helped me SO Much!!! I highly recommend it! The recipes are things that my kids love too. I don't go by it every day but do use it 3-4 times a week and then do my other recipes that we all like too. It's totally worth it tho! Just my 2 cents. :)

  2. This sounds very enticing...I hate, loathe and abominate meal planning (with the white-hot passion of a thousand burning suns). Therefore, I do a crappy job of it! I think that $5/month might actually save me a lot more that that...not to mention my countless trips to the store each month. Thanks!

    Now a follower from Toddler Awesome.

  3. I love doing all that myself. Nothing is more exciting than picking a new recipe out of the cookbook and then finding corresponding coupons. I am the epitome of a nerd who loves to cook and save money. Saved $70 with coupons last time.

  4. That sounds like a pretty neat website. I don't have too many people to cook for around here but I hear ya with the same ol' same ol' and struggles with grocery list and shopping. I may have to check this out!


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