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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vacuuming as Meditation

Recently a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she "hides" from her children by sitting on a stool in her pantry (totally off subject but I wish I had a pantry big enough to sit in!). She said she goes in there to read, talk on the phone, take a Mommy break. But at the time she was posting it, she said her kids were banging on the door, beckoning her to come out of hiding.

So I began thinking about my own hiding space. The problem is, (besides not having a big enough pantry) was that it doesn't really feel like a Mommy break if the kids are banging on the door...which mine inevitably would be. So I gave up on the idea of a Mommy hiding place...until I starting vacuuming the other morning.

Since my kids don't like the noise of the vacuum, they go to my son's room to play while I do it. After about 10 minutes of vacuuming, I had an epiphany. Vacuuming was my hiding place. The kids voluntarily go in the other room, and stay there. If there is any sibling bickering going on, I can't hear it and they work it out amongst themselves. And the white noise of the vacuum is actually quite meditative. Although I was "working" during my mommy break, it was a nice mental break, nonetheless.

So during times of least my floors will be clean!

How do you get your Mommy break? Do you have a hiding place from your kids?


  1. OMGosh!! I love this idea. You hit the nail on the head....this happens for me too! Most of my kids run to their big brothers bedroom and begin playing...the littlest ones just stare in awe at that awful noise...but nonetheless they are quiet. I am sooo gonna start vacuuming to my advantage!! Thank you for writing this post. :)

  2. sometimes i just tell my kids i am going to the bathroom.... then i just shut the door and sit there for a few. or sometimes i take a nice long shower- they leave me alone while i am showering, so it's nice, quiet, and warm!!

  3. Vacuuming...what an idea. My daughter usually clears the room while I run that contraption...maybe i will just turn on the switch and let it run while I eat some Halloween candy and make it through one of the many magazines I have sitting collecting dust.

  4. I LOVE it! You get a break, a workout AND a clean house all at once! Now that's what I call multi-tasking!


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