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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Food Fight

There's a food fight at my house every night. No, I don't mean slinging food across the counter at one another, I mean the fight to get my children to eat the food I cook. Please tell me I am not alone in this nightly dinner drama.

Why does it seem like all they will eat is hot dogs (Kosher, of course), chicken nuggets (veggie nuggets but shhhhh! don't tell them!) and grilled cheese?

Am I the only mom in America that prepares 2 meals a night? One homemade meal filled with the appropriately proportioned servings from each of the food groups (well, sort of). And a second when my children refuse to eat the first? I've heard, "they'll eat when they're hungry" so I toggle back and forth between only offering what I've prepared that night or making a second meal.

Tonight my husband and I ate meatloaf with a side of skillet cooked potatoes and onions. My children ate bread and peaches (and not even the good, wholesome bread, but those yummy Hawaiian rolls).

Help me out here, wise women of blogland. Any words of advice? encouragement? commiseration?


  1. We had the same issue with our four year old. She refused to eat EVERYTHING. We chose to ignore it. We told her that if she didn't want to eat that she didn't have to. We told her that if she got hungry the same plate would be waiting for her. We also told her that she was expected to sit at the table with us while we ate because it is family time. She almost always ended up eating her food within a few minutes. When she didn't, she would return to the table to eat later. She rarely refuses to eat now because she doesn't want to miss out on the after dinner fun.

  2. Ditto with LissyLin. My daughter eats what we eat..There have been battles, but if she doesn't eat what we prepare, she can alway eat it later (and usually it is within 20 minutes). I never make her eat all the foodies on her plate, just as long as she tries a little of each helping...and 9 times out of 10 she likes what we have (beets, who would have known?).

    Maybe make lunch Thier suggestions and dinner and breakfast Your menu. In otherwords, they can have hotdogs and grill cheese for lunch since that is what they like and breakfast and dinner You can break out the veggies and good stuff. I have read that some moms let the children cook with them....take the kiddos to the farmers market and let them pick out their own food and come home to prepare the goods for dinner. I bet they will eat that since they took part in the selection.

  3. i am going to look at all the comments.... we really struggle, too. thanks for posting this so i can get some ideas from your readers as well!

  4. Trust me, you are not alone!! My daughter is terrible! Some nights I just give up (yesterday she didn't eat anything. she just sit there in the chair moving the spoon in the plate). I only cook one meal, and try that she eat with us. Today, for example, she eat everything with no complain!

  5. Now, I don't have kids of my own. But, I can certainly vouch that you are not alone. When my sister comes to visit with my niece, she will only eat hot dogs. Nope, no bun, just the dog! But, she is almost 7 and I can say that she has broadened her horizons just a bit, will get better!


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