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Monday, November 8, 2010

Playroom HELP needed!

If I weren't so desperate for inspiration and organization, I might be embarrassed to show you what our playroom looks like in it's current state. But I need HELP! (I'm giving you a chance to link up your playroom at the bottom!)

I know, it's a disaster! But I am at a loss for how to make this space work for us. I definitely need to get in there and edit some (ok, a lot!) of the toys, but I'm still unsure of how to organize it. The kids don't even know what toys they have because they get buried in this sea of stimulation.

Here are my problem areas:

Big toys that don't fit on shelves.

Lots and lots of sports equipment.

Puzzles, games, blocks.

Lots and lots of little toys.

Stuffed animals coming out of every orifice of the playroom.

Big cars and trucks that don't fit with the little cars and trucks.

Ok, so there you have it. What do I do with all of this stuff? How do you have your playroom organized? Any great inspiration you've found out there? Keep in mind, too, that I'm on a budget. I'd love for my playroom to look like this:

...but that's not realistic on my budget.

If you have a playroom to share, link up and let's see what you've got. (This is my first Linky attempt so hopefully it all works as planned!) I can't wait to see how you all have organized your play rooms!


  1. Rebecca, when my girls were little, their toys were kept in a 19' x 15' playroom. Plenty of room for sure, but my kids and their friends would take everything out & leave it all over the floor. It would take me hours to put everything away or I would have to nag my kids to do it. I had enough shelves and baskets for everything, but enough space wasn't the problem. What I should have done was built a closet full of shelving and put a lock on the door...then allowed each of them a few toys to play at a time and only letting them have additional toys when they put the ones they were playing with back.

  2. I am no organizational expert, but I am sure you are open for any suggestions. Like you said you need editing and getting rid of those toys that are not longer age appropriate for them, like the baby toys or something like that and just keep the ones that they really like to play. I like to go to Dollar General to buy some inexpensive bins and baskets. I think you need to like buy those big baskets and put the name of your kids in that way they have their own storage and they know where to put their own favorite toys. Maybe? If you also have like fabrics laying around your house, you can make a fabric toy bucket just like this one; I also found a blog which she had her own playroom makeover with a Pottery Barn inspiration on a Target budget. Hope it helps! :)

  3. IKEA has white shelving similar to the pottery barn one you pictured. and the prices are reasonable. we have a set in the playroom and the bottom shelf ahs bakets for toys and the top shelf has puzzles, games. in our office nook we have two larger ones and that would be great because you could rotate baskets each month or week and that way they could have some toys one week, then that basket would get moved to the top, and a new one would be in their reach.

  4. Purge some of the toys (give to your church nursery or goodwill/even garage sale) or better yet, put alot of them in a box and tuck them away out of sight (i.e. in you hot tub room) to simplify the room and once the kiddos get bored what they have, switch out toys. It will be like Christmas when they see the new change. You right, when they have too many choices, they are overwhelmed, not you.

  5. Ha, like Cassie, I was going to suggest IKEA. They tend to be pretty reasonable. Also, you could paint the door with chalkboard paint. I know that does not help with organization but it would be fun for the kids! JoAnn's has a pretty good basket selection to help organize the toys and they always have really good coupons too! Good luck!

  6. I don't know if it'll help at all...but I linked to the post I just put up of my classroom...organization is KEY in my job! Maybe some of the systems I use would help you...?


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