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Monday, July 25, 2011

Kids’ Closet Organization Tip

If you’re like me, organizing your kids’ closets is like…well, it’s like trying to organize your kids’ closets!

But I did come up with one awesome solution for storing blankets, crib sheets, changing pad covers, etc… I used a simple hanging shoe rack!

It’s perfect to fit all of those little things that otherwise don’t have a home (or would have to take up space in my already overcrowded linen closet). And I don’t use all of the hanging space in my kids’ closets anyway, so I have plenty of room for the “shoe” rack.


It simply velcro’s around the rod. It couldn’t be more simple! I think I bought this one at Ross, but you can find them anywhere (Target, The Container Store) for probably around $10.


Do you struggle with keeping your kids’ closets organized? What’s your best organizing tip?

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  1. I love this idea. I have a shoe rack just like that, but blue. I'm going to snatch it from my closet and put it in Joel's room right now. Genius.

  2. i have two of those in sawyer's closet and we put his random backpacks, hats, etc in them and they are perfect!!!

  3. I use two of those in Haydens room for her shoes, hats, bathing suits, etc. Great idea!

  4. My kiddo is all grown and gone now, but I keep one of those in my own closet. In the winter I keep my sweaters in it, (can't hang them and they take up so much valuable drawer space) and in the summer I keep my shorts, T's and tanks there.. my bumming around on the weekend wear.

  5. I just bought one from the Dollar Spot at Target ($2.50!) for the new baby's room! It's even dark gray, which is so hard to find!


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