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Monday, July 25, 2011

Truth Be Told Tuesday #15 - That's not Toothpaste!

Happy Tuesday friends! I hope you all are having a great day. I'm off to help a girlfriend paint her kid's room, but I can't leave without sharing this week's Truth Be Told Tuesday with you. In case you're new (yay and welcome!) Tuesdays are a day for us to come together to share the truths in our lives in an attempt to support one another in our imperfections.

Truth Be Told, I once reached for the toothpaste in my drawer and accidentally pulled out some Vagisil (sorry if that's TMI, guys!). Fortunately, I discovered my mistake before actually applying said ointment to my toothbrush! Unfortunately, I can not say the same for a friend of mine who did the exact same thing with the exact same ointment!

Ok ladies, now it's your turn! Share your "truth" with me, it's very cathartic ;)


  1. Truth be told, sometimes I send my kid to daycare in the shirt that he wore to bed or sometimes I put my kid to bed in the shirt he wore all day :)

  2. i can honestly say this time that i have not done this before. :)
    but i did once apply soap thinking it was lotion and had myself a sticky mess. and had to wash all over again.

  3. Ha ha! Eeew! That would NOT taste good.

    Truth be told, there was a package of candy at the dollar store that had been opened by someone else (individually wrapped candies). I had been wanting to try that kind of candy. I ate one. I'm not proud. It.Was.Good. I bought my own pack. Mmmmmm. Ha ha!


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