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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dinosaur Party

Although my son turned 3 almost a week ago (sniff, sniff), today it was made official by his BIRTHDAY PARTY. He is into all things DINOSAURS. His favorite show on TV is Dinosaur Train on PBS. He knows more names of dinosaurs than I have ever known! So it was only natural that his birthday party be a Dinosaur Theme.

The party was a big success and I just thought I'd share a few fun pictures of the event.

Here's me and my "baby." Although his face doesn't reflect it, he had a really great time (I think he just wanted to get back to playing).

Remember the Dinosaur Crowns that I made? Well, I am happy to report that they were a big success! Here are all 21 that I made for the kids. They had fun picking out their own color!

And some fun color-your-own-puzzles for the kids to take home with them.

And of course there were dinosaur plates...

And dinosaur balloons...

And here's what the whole spread looked like.

The birthday boy enjoying his cupcake...

I've decided I'm going to make them a shirt each year for their birthday. I'm really happy with the way this one turned out! I'll have to make a tutorial for this to share with you all.

So there it is. We plan so long and hard for special occasions such as these and they go by in such a flash. I know it will seem like tomorrow when I'm planning his 4th birthday party (sniff, sniff).

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  1. Everything looks great!
    The t-shirt's idea is fantastic!
    My little girl will be 4 in June, I have the same feeling that you do: time runs!!


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