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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A New Easter Tradition

This is the first year that my son (who just turned 3) has really begun to participate in holiday traditions, such as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. So I decided that now is our opportunity to lay the groundwork for any traditions we hope to begin. For instance, my husband and I decided that Santa Claus brings one special present at Christmas, but the rest are from Mommy and Daddy.

Well when it came time to decide what the Easter Bunny brings, I decided that I didn't want baskets full of candy in the house for weeks (because I don't want my children hopped up on sugar and because I have no will power when there's chocolate in the house!). Besides, they get plenty of candy from other Easter parties, egg hunts, friends, family, etc...

As you may recall, I'm doing a patio redo. My children have both been having fun playing with the dirt in my empty planters and they always want to "help" when I get out the trimmers, gardening gloves, shovel, rake. I decided that Easter represents the start of Spring in a lot of ways, so how about if the Easter Bunny brought Spring-inspired gifts? So instead of a bucket full of candy to eat after Church on Sunday, here's how my children enjoyed their Easter gifts from the Easter Bunny...

Granted, gardening gloves, plastic shovels and cultivators may not be "traditional" Easter gifts, but at our house, they just might become the "tradition."


  1. They are so adorable gardening too! Be blessed. Cindy

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