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Thursday, September 2, 2010


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I've been working on a lot of little projects lately and I keep thinking that none of them are substantial enough to blog about. So I decided to just lump them all together into one post so you can see what I've been up to.

Starburst Mirror

Remember my Master Bedroom Remodel? Remember how I had intended to make my own Starburst mirror like the one I had seen at Under the Table and Dreaming? Well my DIY plans changed when I saw this Starburst Mirror at IKEA for $20.

It was perfect for the space so I decided to spend the 20 bucks and save myself some time and energy. I think it looks great in this space (although my math must've been a little off because it was supposed to be even with the top of the door frame).

I'll probably move it down 4" or so, but for now I love how it fills up the space.

"Letter" Art

If you're lurking in blogland for any amount of time, you've likely come across this cool Letter Art.

I'd been seeing them for awhile and wanted to give it a try. One of my girlfriend's birthdays was coming up and I decided that she would be my guinea pig. Since it was her birthday, I didn't want to do a family piece like I had seen. So I decided on her initials. Her initials are MMM and she often shortens it to M3 (M cubed) so I thought that would be a fun thing to make her. I used tutorials from My 3 Monsters, Measuring My Life in Love and Under the Table and Dreaming, and of course Leo Reynolds' awesome Flikr letters. And here's what I came up with...

I made mine in Photoshop (since my husband knows how to use it and was willing to help me!). I printed mine as a 4x6 on my own printer so the actual artwork cost me nothing! If I were making the big family picture, I'd definitely print it bigger, but for the initials, I liked the smaller size.

Then I hit my local Goodwill and found this metal frame for $1.

And voila! A personalized, original piece of art that (I hope) will make a great birthday present!

Banana Muffins

The "kids" and I made banana muffins yesterday. These are a real treat at my house and everyone loves them! I had frozen some ripe bananas a while ago but I'd never used them before so I wasn't sure how the muffins would come out. I came across a great tip for using frozen bananas. You simply place your frozen bananas in warm water for about 5 minutes, peel the banana and let them thaw out.

I guess there's some debate in the cooking world about whether or not to use the banana "juice" once it thaws out. I used it and my muffins came out great! I would also highly recommend the rubber muffin pans (I'm sure that's not the right terminology, but you know what I'm talking about). They really cook the muffins so much more evenly.

A coworker of my husband's gave me this recipe at my baby shower when I was pregnant with my son. It has never let me down!

3-4 ripe bananas (I've added applesauce and even baby food bananas if I didn't have enough ripe bananas on hand)
1 cup sugar (I usually half this and they are still plenty sweet)
1 egg
1 1/2 cup flour (I use whole wheat and they're delish!)
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp soda
1/3 cup butter (I usually melt mine in the microwave)
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup nuts (optional)

Mix it all together. Bake 20-25 minutes (mine are perfect after 20) on 350 degrees
Makes 12 muffins

Goodwill Treasure
I could not believe my luck when I found this wooden microwave at my Goodwill for only $8! I just needed to tighten the screws and clean it up. I checked their website and similar microwaves sell for over $50! What a bargain!

(Pants are optional while cooking.)

(Ok, so my kids like to be naked. And pardon her scabby nose, she had a run-in with the sidewalk.)

So there you have it. In addition to the above projects, I've been working on a few others that I hope to have finished soon. And I've also got a giveaway to tell you all about, so stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks for the great banana muffin recipe. I was just about to toss some over ripe bananas but now I have a project cooking project for my son tomorrow. I enjoy your site and have thanked Ardis for showing it to me.

  2. Love what you came up, thanks for featuring mine!

  3. your kids are so adorable! love the pics of them! and you are so crafty- i love your own takes on everything! glad to hear from you agin! ;)

  4. What a great post...little of this and that for sure. I love that wooden microwave, and obviously so do your adorable kids...scab nose and all!!~ Have a great weekend. Debbie

  5. What great projects!! My favorite find is the microwave!!


  6. Great things there! Love that letter art. It's beautiful!

  7. I love your framed letter piece! It turned out terrific!

  8. Your children are precious! I think we have all had a child who ate the pavement at one time or another. Great find at Goodwill. Your children will love it. Love the letter art. Such cute ideas. Love & blessings from NC!

  9. This post made me laugh...because my children never wear clothes at home either. :) The art is GREAT and I love that little microwave!! I'm all into vintage kiddy kitchens. Thanks so much for linking up to Style Feature Saturday! -shaunna :)


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