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Friday, September 10, 2010

Winner, Preschool and HELP!

I'm sorry I'm a little behind in posting the winner of my awesome giveaway from CSN stores. My "baby" had his first day of preschool this week..sniff, sniff...

I've also been sewing like a mad woman trying to get ready for a craft fair I signed up for in December. It's my first ever so I'm equal parts excited and nervous! I had a little dry run at my PTA meeting this morning and the response was all positive. I'll post more about my sewing projects later.

But for now, it's time to announce the winner. Using the winner is...comment number 8, JAS! Congratulations and I'll email you shortly with details! Thank you all for participating. I really wish I could give you all a prize!

Now I need your help. My camera died and I've been surviving on a temperamental old one and my cell phone (neither of which take good pictures as you see above!). I'm looking for advice on a point and shoot, digital camera. Do you have one that you absolutely love? If you have a blog, what kind of camera do you use? I want one that will also take pictures quickly so I can actually get my children's faces in the picture, not the back of their heads! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. yeah, i won i won! It will go to good use for the new addition. I am think home decor. as for camera, i too am looking at a new one, what about nikon...i mean, ashton kutcher is a hottie right?

  2. Best of luck on your first craft show! I have yet to be brave enough to attempt that. hehe

    I saw you at New Friend Friday and will be following you!

    ~ ~

  3. I hate to tell you, because point and shoot is so much less expensive, but the DSLR is the way to go if you are looking for speed. I upgraded from my Nikon point and shoot to a Canon xsi and it is amazing what a difference it makes! Shop around and try them out. Camera shops can be intimidating, but they are great to try out a product and the sales people really know their stuff.

  4. I have a Samsung SL30 and I love it. It has a wonderful video feature enables me to not only catch pictures of Moo's cutest moments but video as well. Good luck with getting ready for the craft fair. Visiting from The Girl Creative Party Blog by the way.

  5. wow! you are a free woman! at least for a bit...
    i have a canon digital rebel and i love it!

  6. Wow, preschool! He is so grown up, how cute! Good luck at the craft fair, they are so much fun. I think you are going to do really well!

  7. Oh, the camera. I have a Canon PowerShot SD 600. I like it a ton. But, my Aunt and Uncle have a camera I have had my eye on for a while, a little pricey but fantastic pictures. I am saving up for it and want it now! Canon EOS Rebel XS

  8. Hi there,

    New friend here from 'New Friend Fridays.' Your son is too adorable.

    Great place you have here. Glad to have come by it.

    The Things We Find Inside

  9. Hi Rebecca,

    I found your site on a Blog Hop list and thought I'd visit. Lots of emotions when your "baby" starts the 'school journey' - emotions for both the mommy and the child. Such a cutie and he looks so ready! Good luck on your craft show, I'm sure you'll be successful. Now, for a camera, I would do some online research and maybe see what deals are around for cameras on Black Friday (if you can wait that long).


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