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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Car Playmat...New Fabric

In case you weren't reading my blog waaaaaayyyy back in April (that's a long time in the internet world), I showed you my tutorial for making these fun car playmats.

At the time, I had so many people interested in them that I thought I'd make some more and put them in my Etsy shop. Well, much to my disappointment, they no longer make this fabric! :(

Fast forward to present day as I prepare for the holiday craft fair I am planning to sell at (Yikes!). I wanted to make more of these playmats so I scoured the internet in search of a fabric I could use.

And here's what I found...

I ordered this one, appropriately entitled "Planes, Trains & Automobiles" by Timeless Treasures from the Fabric Depot. It's on sale for $7 a yard! I haven't received this one yet but I'm really excited about it. I think it's the closest to the original fabric that I used.

I also found this cute fabric at Hayloft Fabrics on sale for just $7.59 a yard. It's also by Timeless Treasures and it's called "Cars/Trucks on Green".

I was a little worried that this fabric wouldn't be "fun" enough since it's just roads (no buildings, etc...) but I am happy to report that my son gave it a test drive last night and is now requesting a car playmat out of this fabric!

And finally, I found this "Airport" fabric also by Timeless Treasures, also at Hayloft Fabric, also for $7.59 a yard.

My son has a lot of planes but they don't really make anything for kids to play with their planes on. I thought an airplane playmat would be perfect! And this fabric is super cute so of course I had to have it. :)

So that's what I've been up to. As you can see, my computer is thankfully back in business thanks to my husband, $99 and the Norton anti-virus guy! My camera, unfortunately, is not back in business. I am hoping to rectify that situation very soon. Do you know how many impossibly cute pictures of my children I have missed out on since our camera died? It's killing me!


  1. I made a felt play mat awhile back for my stepson and while he loved it and it was very rewarding, it's SUPER time-consuming! I didn't even realize there were fabrics such as these! I know what I'm ordering!

  2. I think you will do very well at the holiday craft fair. Good luck! La

  3. so fun!!! i need to get one with trees and mountains so my son can have a dinosaur playmat!

  4. I always say I wish we could take pictures with our eyes. Maybe in the future! Sophia moves around so much, by the time I get the camera, the Kodak moment is gone. I love the airplane fabric! OMG! I wish I could sew. For now I'm sticking to the no-sew glue :)

  5. These car mats are so cute! I am popping over from New Friend Fridays.
    Great to read your Blog!

  6. I know that you posted this years ago, but is there any chance that you still have one of the airplane mats? or the fabric?


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