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Monday, April 11, 2011

Truth Be Told Tuesday #6 - Laundry

Hello all and welcome to another Truth Be Told Tuesday. If you're new here, Tuesday is our day to tell the "truth" about what our real life is like (not the ideal life we portray on our blog or Facebook). It's a way for us to support one another in our imperfections. I am really loving this series and I hope you all are too! If you're having as much fun as I am with it, please spread the word (Facebook, blog, Tweet) so everyone can join in on the fun. The more, the merrier!

A lot of you have mentioned your laundry woes on Truth Be Told Tuesday, so I thought I'd share some pictures of what my laundry life looks like.

Truth Be Told, I can never keep up with the laundry. I am pretty good about actually washing the clothes, but I can never seem to get them folded and put away. And I have piles of clothes everywhere. Let me show you the true laundry scene at my house. I took these pictures all on the same day.

My son's clothes. Clean and folded (thanks to my hubby!), but sitting out in the living room.

A pile of clothes in my son's room that I have to go through. Some are clean, some are not, some are hand-me-downs that I have to go through. The pj's on top are the jammies he wore the night before. Nice, huh?

My daughter's clothes are on the left. The are clean and folded (thanks again to my hubby!) but again, sitting in the living room. Next to my daughter's clothes is a load of (unfolded) sheets and towels.

This is the clean laundry basket that I get dressed out of every morning. (I almost moved the shoes out of the picture out of habit, but left 'em in because that's real life at my house!).

Here's a pile of clean (but undoubtedly now wrinkled) clothes sitting on the bench at the foot of my bed.

And of course a load of laundry in the washer...

...and the dryer.

So there you have it. That is 8 piles of clothes in various locations throughout my house, all on the same day (and I only took pictures of the piles of clothes. There are plenty of other stragglers strewn about in every room of the house). So if you're feeling bad about your laundry getting backed up, just remember what mine looks like and maybe it'll make you feel a little better ;)

Ok, now it's your turn! Tell us your "truth" in the comments. Or if you feel like sharing pictures (we ♥ pictures), write a blog post and give us the link!

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  1. Hey - how did you get pictures of my laundry?? Weird! Ha ha, I can totally relate! Sadly, I have even (once or twice) gotten dressed out of the dirty laundry hamper (not underwear, I have some boundaries). Sometimes if something is only worn once and isn't really dirty, I still throw it in the hamper. Then, 3 days later, I want to wear it again and of course have not washed it yet. I do the smell test (eeeew) and if it passes, I wear it. Ok. totally understand if you are done being my bloggy friend ;)

  2. Truth be told, i never cook. Well, almost never. We are rarely home to eat at the same time (i work evenings, he works days, yadda yadda) and so i might boil some pasta and open a can of sauce for myself on occasion or make a quesadilla on the quesadilla maker (where i pretty much just chop peppers). But make anything else? Rare. I would say maybe once a month. Its hard to find recipes for two, and leftovers may or may not get eaten, and we like quick food like canned soup and pasta and frozen crap. Oy, im so embarrassed just to admit this here-and this is practically anonymous! Maybe i need to turn over a new leaf, eh? ;)

  3. To be honest laundry is not a problem of mine...but I do have others! Ok Truth be told....each night thee is a huge pile of dishes to be done...and those dishes always wait until morning. I always tell myself I'm going to take care of the bg smelly pile of dishes but ineveitably in the morning I'm at the sink because we don't have clean utensils.

  4. Ok truth be told, most nights when I go to bed the house is a wreck. Maybe I will clean up the kitchen but it depends on how tired I am. My hubby is the laundry guy around here and he actually does keep up with it, barely:) Just this morning I spent an hour putting away toys and cleaning up the kitchen from yesterday. Oh and as far as big cleaning, like vacuuming etc... it happens once every 2 weeks when the housekeepers come.. don't judge;)

  5. Truth be told, when I've been working on a big project around the house and I'm home alone with no hope of visitors....I've been known to crash in the clothes I've worn all day and get up the next morning and just keep on working. I reason with myself that I'm saving both time and laundry. Brings new meaning to the term 'Sweat Equity'.

  6. omg,, i thought i was looking at my laundry piles.. that is the hardest thing in the world for me to keep up with. And truth be told mine is probably worse than

    I love reading your truth be told posts and comments..

  7. ok deep breath, deep breath.....
    my husband does our laundry. i hate doing it- i will wash and dry it, but he does all the folding. and here is where it gets bad... he puts away all my undies and he told me one day i was going to come home to a drawer full of new underwear because mine were so old and nasty... some of them have holes and are falling apart. i kid you not. but no one sees it so i don't care!!! and chris sees it, but really, what does he care? he's happy just to see my in any underwear.

  8. majority rules, laundry is a pain and a sore subject. yesterday, laundry piled up on the guest bed (4 loads) but i just didn't have the energy to fold them, or even spread them out to prevent wrinkles. today, as i was folding them, i put more than half in a pile to rewash--they were totally wrinkle woe and at this point, i don't have the energy to iron a tshirt or boxers for that matter. where is that laundry queen?

  9. oh, goodness...I am now a follower! This "tbt" on laundry did it for me. I am sucha "pile-er" piles here and piles there...mostly clean and folded, but sometimes not.

    love the blog truth and love that there are others sharing, too!


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