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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Truth Be Told Tuesday #8 - Bras

Truth Be Told, I totally forgot it was Tuesday! So I'm sorry this post is a little late in the day. I'm still visiting my family out in Arizona, so I've been kind of absent from the blogging world. But I'm ready to have some fun sharing some truths with one another. Let's all support each other in our imperfections!

After several of you (and you know who you are ;) confessed last week that you wear your daytime tank to bed, I decided to confess a little undergarment secret of my own.

Truth Be Told, I wear the same 2 bras every week....and I only wash them about once every 2 weeks! Gross? Maybe. But I do make an exception and wash them when I've been extra sweaty ;)

Ok, now it's your turn. Tell us your truth! And as always, share the fun on Facebook, Twitter or your blog. The more people sharing their truths, the more fun it is!!!


  1. wow, i feel like the grossest person because i pretty much do everything you do that you think is bad... plus what other people do...
    truth be told... since we are discussing bras.... with the exception of 2 i bought 3 years ago, my bras are around 10 years old. if it ain't broke don't fix it.

  2. I do the same thing with bras.

    Truth be told, I hate doing the dishes so much that I wait til we're out of dishes. This last time, it took over a week before I washed them (there was mold on something in the bottom of the sink... ew!) and it took me an hour! Why don't I just do them everyday and only have to spend 10 minutes? Why? It's a good thing it's just the two of us here, or my situation would be a lot worse.

  3. I totally do that with bras! Ha ha. Let's see today my truth be told will be that i actually swept crumbs under the rug in my kitchen. They kept sticking to my feet and I wasn't ready to do the whole sweep-the-kitchen-floor thing yet so under the rug they went. I'm not proud of it. eeeeeew.

  4. I do that with bras too, I admit it. Truth be told, I wait until the last possible moment to clean the litter box. I absolutely HATE this job. It's so bad that wherever in the house the cat is, it hears me cleaning and comes running.

  5. It's too early in the morning for me to making true confessions! I might say something I'll regret once my eyes are open! But I so enjoyed reading YOURS!


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