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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Master Bedroom Makeover

FYI - I'm moving "Future Project Friday" to Saturday so I can show you my exciting master bedroom makeover. Be sure to check it out this weekend, I promise it's going to be a good one!

I've been talking about it for several weeks now, but my Master Bedroom Makeover is finally finished (well almost, but I couldn't wait to show it to you!). The best part is this total room transformation cost me under $100!!! And I LOVE it! It was really pretty depressing before, because honestly we didn't do ANYTHING to decorate until now. We moved in 2 weeks before my son was born and the room remained the way it looked when we moved in...for 3 years! But not anymore!!! Basically, for the cost of some paint and a few accessories, we have a BRAND NEW room! And did I mention that I LOVE it!

Here's a few shots of the "before". It's depressing just to even look at it now!

This window hardware was there when we moved in and I didn't even bother to take it down until I started this makeover. What was I thinking?

My nightstand...

My husband's nightstand...

When we moved in, my mom threw a few things up on the wall on existing nails just to get them up off the floor...I never moved them! How ridiculous does this look?

Here's the TV, bathroom door and armoire (and cat). Blah, blah with a side of blah!

So now, the "after" that you've all been waiting for...I am proud to introduce, my new Master Bedroom...

I painted this wall an apple green color (Olympic Low VOC from Lowe's. The color is actually Glidden "Granny Smith Apple" but they color matched it.). The other walls I painted a springy blue color (the color is Freshaire "Waterscape" but I had it color matched in the Olympic Low VOC paint also).

You may have seen my Headboard Makeover since I linked it to EVERY link party imaginable. No cost involved there since I already had the headboard, paint and stain! Notice the new curtain rod and curtains. I already had the curtains and the rod, I just spray painted it white. (Total cost: $0.)

The pillows I made using $2 swatches of discontinued home decor fabric. The 2 floral fabrics retail for $45 a yard! I already had 2 of the pillow forms (I have to buy a third, if you look closely at the striped pillow, you can see the zebra pillow that I used inside). (Total cost $10: $6 for fabric, $4 for the pillow form I still have to buy.)

My "new" nightstand. Notice the Subway Art project? I LOVE it there! (Total cost: $0)

And here is my homage to my pregnant belly. I loved being pregnant and I am so happy I have these pictures to commemorate that beautiful, amazing, miraculous time in my life.

My husband's "new" nightstand. The "M" is an MDF letter I bought at Hobby Lobby on sale for $1 and spray painted it blue. (Total cost: $1 for the "M".)

The bench at the foot of the bed was something that we picked up years ago at an estate sale. Now it fits perfectly in the room! (Total cost: $0)

One final look at this side of the room before we move on...

Now, opposite the bed is the TV. Remember how I said there were a few projects left to finish? One of them is going to go on this wall. You'll have to wait and see what I'm planning :)

And the armoire to the right of the TV.

Here was my big splurge. I found these canvas prints at a local antique mall (though they're not antiques) and I loved them so much, they were worth the money. Besides the paint on the walls, these are the most expensive things I bought! (Total cost for 2 pictures: $32).

And here's a closer look at the top of the armoire. The only new things I bought were the 2 little red birds and the stand that one of them is sitting on. They were on sale at Hobby Lobby (I ♥ Hobby Lobby!). (Total cost $12: $3 each for the birds, $6 for the stand).

And to give you a sneak peek at the other 2 projects left to finish in the room. I'm going to frost the windows in the french door...

And I have a really exciting project (that I can't tell you about yet) for this big wall next to my husband's side of the bed. You'll just have to check back to see what I'm planning :)

So there you have it. For $96 ($40 for paint - of which I still have leftover to use for future projects! and $56 for accessories) I have a brand new room. And it makes me so happy!

One makeover done, one more to go. Stay tuned for my living room/dining room (which doubles as guest room/craft room) makeover coming this summer! I hope it turns out as AWESOME as my bedroom did!

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  1. it looks amazing!!! love the colors you picked and the pop of apple green on the wall. you must be able to sleep so much better now that the room makes you happy! :) can't wait to see what you do with the next room!

  2. Awesome job! I have enjoyed my first visit here.
    Back Porch Blessings,

  3. what a cute room!! Looks fun and springy and refreshing -- a nice retreat.

  4. Wow! This is beautiful. You did a great job. I love the pillows.

    Thanks for linking up!


  5. Great makeover, I like your paint colors and especially your fabulous bench! Thanks for sharing! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  6. I love it! Your room is so cheerful!

  7. You hit the jack pot. way to go! it looks aweseom. i love the wall color.

  8. Just stopping by to say I'm your newest follower and I love your blog! I hope we can keep in touch!

    Let me know if you're ever interested in having a giveaway on my blog or a review. I also offer up advertising spots.


  9. Oh, wow! Great job! It looks so much more colorful!!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Well since this is my first visit to your blog, I've never seen your headboard and it's FABULOUS! It is definitely the focal point in your room now. You did a beautiful job, love the wall color.


  11. It looks great! Obviously, I LOVE the colors! (Have you seen my master re-do?) And, I think the two little pictures from the antique mall were totally worth the splurge!

  12. I love what you've done with your bedroom - it's beautiful. I also love your writing style. I came over from The Trendy Treehouse, but I think I'll stay for a while. I hope you'll check me out at

  13. Very pretty~I love the green you used. And the headboard looks great!

  14. The blue headboard and bench are SO perfect together! Love it!

  15. This is so great...I'm jealous! My husband and I currently sleep in a master bedroom that's entirely white, with only one picture on the wall, mismatched dressers, a sorry excuse for a nightstand, and mattresses on the floor (we have no actual bed yet). We've decided not to splurge for any furniture until we move into a permanent home, but I am determined to make our bedroom a bit cuter. Great job! -

  16. Oh, I love this! Your colors are great! We are SOOOO overdue for a master bedroom makeover! Ours was decorated back in the mid-80's and it looks it! Thanks for the inspiration to get going on ours!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

  17. really stretched that $100.00. It looks great. I love that apple green wall it really makes the whole room pop. Great job!

  18. I love it all, but especially love the head board color and antiquing

  19. Hello sweet Rebecca - I'm visiting from The Inspired Room! Wow, love your bedroom makeover! My fave has to be that fabulous headboard. It inspires me to paint something turquoise! May I ask what brand paint it was? Color? Thank you for sharing.


  20. So cute! I love the color choices, I love the top of the wardrobe, I love the "M" (very Mary Tyler Moore). What a great place to end the day. Lisa~

  21. I love the color of your new headboard and how you pulled it all together. Well done.

  22. Your room is wonderful! I love the colors and the pillows too.
    Come by my blog and win $50 gift certificate.

  23. It looks great, thank you for forwarding your link. It looks so inviting.

  24. Great makeover! I love the color of the headboard and the M over the nightstand is too cute!

  25. Wow this is fabulous!! I would love for you to visit My blog. I am also hosting a Giveaway from CSN for $40 dollars !!

  26. Amazingly simple, but stunning change. Yeah! I also love the apple green versus the blue in the headboard and the touch of black in the M. excellent! Pam @ Sallygoodin

  27. WOW...I love it! You color choices and touch of bird whimsy is just so cute! You must be so happy with the end really is a great transformation.

  28. Love the blue. Your armoire and nightstand are beautiful.

  29. Hi, I just happened across your blog from Southern H and am jealous of your headboard. You must love your new bedroom now.

  30. Gorgeous bedroom makeover. I love the juxtaposed his/hers nightstands, very practical, and I love the bold punch of color for the accent wall. Very inspiring! I can't wait to get to work on my bedroom makeover, too!

  31. Fabulous makeover! I just love all the color. The headboard is gorgeous! Amazing job - looks fantastic! Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase party! I greatly appreciate it! Hope you have a fabulous week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  32. Great redo! I love the bright cheerful colors! Lovely job!

  33. Wow! Great work! You have a lovely home...can't wait to see the other projects you have planned for us on Modern Craftswoman Monday! Thanks, Rory

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  35. I love the blue bench and the blue headboard!! I am redoing my master with some blue too! Seems to be the new "in" color. And your nightstands are awesome too!! Wish I could come across some like those. The bird prints are my favorite!! I have seen those before too and now I am bummed that I didn't buy them! Room looks fabulous!

  36. Thanks for joining us for Anything Related! ~Bridgette

  37. I love it! Fabulous color choices, it's very fresh, and I'm sure relaxing. :) Thanks for linking up!

  38. Rebecca, what an inviting makeover. You've set up so many individual vignette areas that I just want to stop and look at each one to see how you arranged them, and that's a sign a good design in my opinion. Your colors are eye-catching and you're so creative on that headboard -- LOVE IT! You have got yourself an extremely "bragable" room there. Thank you for sharing it on the Boardwalk Bragfest!

  39. So much fun! I love the new colors. It looks awesome!


  40. It looks amazing! I'm totally in love with those bird wall hangings and your pretty blue headboard!

  41. I love room makeovers! What a difference it can make. Curious to see what other plans you have brewing for the room. :-) Shirley@TheMaineReason

  42. What a great {cheap} re-do! I'm a firm believer that mommy & daddy need a refuge--a beautiful bedroom to retreat to! You did a wonderful job creating that!

  43. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  44. You did a great job on your room makeover. I love the color of the walls and your headboard makeover just pops out :) Great job... found your blog and thought I'd take a peek and glad I did. ~ Laura

  45. A touch of color makes any space happy! Love the turquoise and apple green together. Great makeover. Best wishes, Tammy

  46. Great job! It is a beautiful makeover! So glad to find you!

    I am posting pink today!

    Art by Karena


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