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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Accidental DIY'er

When my husband and I bought our first house about 10 years ago, I'm pretty sure he didn't know the difference between a phillip's head and a flat head screwdriver. Don't get me wrong, my husband is a wonderful man, but a DIY'er he was not.

My husband and I had very different experiences with DIY projects growing up. My dad was the consummate DIY'er. If something broke, he fixed it. If the oil needed changed in the car, he changed it. When he wanted fresh vegetables, he planted a garden. When he and my mom couldn't find the perfect house, they built one. Growing up, I believed there was nothing a homeowner couldn't do themselves. It might take a trip to the library or hardware store, but nothing was off limits. These were not the experiences my husband grew up with.

Fast forward to a leaking toilet in our first home. I have never been afraid to tackle a DIY project so I told my husband we could fix it (it's not like we could afford to hire a plumber!). And we did it! It was such an accomplishment and we truly felt like homeowners after our victory over the toilet. We are now on our third home and I am proud to say my husband has become quite the DIY'er.

What I gained from my exposure to every DIY project you can imagine is the confidence to be able to face any project head on. I'm not saying I know everything about plumbing or drywall, or even that every project I attempt turns out the way I had intended. But I'm not afraid to try. And I am so happy that my children will have that same exposure to DIY projects and hopefully will have the same confidence to tackle their own projects someday.


  1. Now, if D decides to drywall his house in his underwear when he is 30, i will be a little worried :) DIY is the best. You save pennies, you feel proud and usually, in our case, we take the extra measure of doing it correct. Sometimes people come in and do a sloppy job of clean up or whatever...they do not take pride or even appreciation in doing the job. It might takes us alot longer, but we know that we are always pleased with the results.

  2. ok- those pictures are freaking hilarious!!! you can embarrass your son for years to come!

  3. The underwear-clad helper is the best. Certainly he brought a smile to my face. There's nothing like getting down and dirty with daddy.


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