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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thrift Store Fabric Finds

I got to enjoy a rare experience the other day...a solo trip to the Thrift Store! So decadent, I know :) My mom was in town so she stayed with the kids and I actually had time to look at things. I was in search of a floor lamp that I could spray paint and use as a prop for my upcoming craft fairs. But as is usually the case, when you're looking for something specific you can't ever find it.

I ended up perusing the linens since I'm a fabric addict and I can't help myself. I always check out the linens because you never know when you might find a fun, vintage pillowcase or sheet to repurpose. I got lucky and found not one pillowcase, but two! As with most of the fabric I buy, I have no idea what I'll use them for, but they'll be there when I need 'em!

The orange/yellow one was only $.99 and the brown one was $1.41 (it's a sham so I guess that's why they figured it was worth the extra $.42).

Wouldn't this make a sweet apron?

I can picture this as a summer dress for my daughter!

And then, as if it weren't already my lucky day, I found these beauties hidden on a shelf under some stuffed animals (no, I don't mind digging if it means a good bargain!).

They were wrapped together for $.99! The yellow one is about 2 yards and the green/turquoise is about 1 yard. What a steal!

I just fell in love with this poppy design.

And this fabric I could use for just about anything. Who doesn't love chartreuse
and turquoise together!

So there you have big day of shopping! Who knows, you might see one of these fabrics in an upcoming project!

And now I'm off to make a hair appointment and raid my closet in preparation for my big TV debut!


  1. ooh- i love the last two that were hiding and just waiting for you to come rescue them! they are awesome!

  2. That green and blue one is my favorite. I'm just starting to embroider a pair of pillows with that same pattern. I love it. You're so lucky...even if you did miss out on the lamp.


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