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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Awesome Cleaning Tip

There are a lot of chores around my house that I have a hard time keeping up with: laundry, dishes, dusting. But lately there is one chore that has been a real thorn in my side. It seems impossible to keep my floors clean.

Part of the problem is we have a GIANT cottonwood tree behind us so we are constantly dragging in cotton and cotton-related debris from outside. Combine that with the food that drops (gets thrown) from toddlers during mealtime and I feel like my floors are in a constant state of slovenliness.

And it's just not an option to vacuum daily. First of all, my daughter is still scared of the vacuum so if I vacuum while she's awake I end up having to hold her while I do it. That's not very practical for daily vacuuming. Secondly, the best time to vacuum is while they're sleeping, but let's face it, anything that risks waking sleeping children is automatically vetoed. I usually do my whole house vacuuming on the weekend when my husband is home and can either take the kids out for awhile or at least distract my daughter long enough for me to get the cleaning done.

Then I had my brilliant stroke of genius. I remembered that my grandma used to use a sweeper at her house. You know the ones that are not electric and you just "sweep" them across your carpet?

I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought one for $25. They don't have a picture of the one I bought online, but it's similar to this one:

Anyway, it's awesome! After the kids eat or someone drags in a chunk of cotton, I simply pull it out, "sweep" the carpet and tuck it back in it's place between the fridge and the wall. It's a great way to keep my floors clean in between vacuuming. I love it!

And the best part is, my son loves it too! He's actually been doing daily sweeping for me! Gotta love that!

(His head got cut off because he was Super-Speed-Sweeping).

Maybe you know about this awesome time saver, but if not, you might just have to go buy yourself one. I promise it will change your life...or at least your floors!


  1. I use this in my classroom. Maybe I should get one for my house!


  2. You have a great page!! Thanks for stopping by my page and leaving me some very helpful advice!! I hope you have a wonderful week! -Micah-

  3. I am going to get one too! I have a built in vac system and it is a big deal to get the huge hose out to do the sweeper it is!
    Thanks for your comment on my house, I appreciate it!

  4. WOW! That is genius! My son is TERRIFIED of the vacuum so I have the same problem. He loves cheez-its so there are orange little crumbs everywhere all the time! I will definitely need to invest in one of these! Thanks for sharing your cleaning tips! Your blog is awesome!


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