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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Garage Sale Loot

My husband had to work today (boo!) , but thanks to my brother-in-law who came over to watch the kids this morning, I was able to do some quick garage saling this morning (yay!). I hit a HUGE church sale (gotta love those!) and a few garage sales and found some great treasures. Considering I was only out for about an hour, I think I did pretty good!

Here's what I ended up with...

I got a book shelf ($10), an awesome frame ($1!), a rug ($15) and 2 matching lamps ($3 each). I also bought some kid clothes but figured you weren't interested in looking at those :)

Here's a close up of those lamps...ready to be spray painted and relocated to my new living room (after the makeover, of course). Finding out you can spray paint brass is like winning the lottery. Everyone is selling brass for cheap since no one decorates with it anymore. Ha ha, if only they knew!

And this frame is so awesome. I love the detail, the color, everything! And for only $1! Not sure where it's going to go yet, but I'm SURE I can find a spot for it!

I haven't decided yet if I'm going to put this rug in my newly made over Master Bedroom, or if it will go in my soon-to-be-made-over living room. It will look great in either room!

And I can't wait to get some paint on these bookshelves! I'm going to use them for my children's ever growing book collection.

How did you all do this weekend? Any exciting finds? Whether you spend it garage saling or not, I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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  1. Great finds! I found a few more yard sale deals myself this morning..posting them later! I know what you mean about painting brass..I'm on it! LOL! I love that frame just the color it is too! You did good!

  2. Rebecca hope my first comment went your will have a blast making these your own with some fun painting projects ahead. Thanks for linking up...have a great weekend.

  3. Good finds - especially the shelves - I always, always need more bookshelves.

  4. Great finds. I always snatch up frames, I hate to think of all the years I had store bought frames and what I spent on them!


  5. i am so with the polka dot closet- all the money i spent on store bought frames..... what was i thinking?!?! i love that green one!

  6. Thank God for your brother-in-law! I would have been going into withdrawal if I couldn't go yard saling! Great finds.

  7. Wonderful finds. I love the rug! The lamp shapes are great! What product do you use to spray the brass??

  8. wasn't this lucky this weekend...but i found a holder for our wood outside by the fire pit.

  9. Great finds! You are one lucky girl.

  10. I love everything you found, great deals! And the bright green frame is a nice punch of color. A thrifter always needs more bookshelves...


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