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Friday, June 11, 2010

Future Project Friday #8

Freezing Meals in Bulk

Sorry I'm a little late with this post. I worked today and seriously I am pretty useless after a full day of work outside the home. I'm hoping I'll adjust soon since I'll be working a lot this summer while my husband is off.

So that leads me to my Future Project Friday feature. In previous Future Project Fridays, I've featured home decor and craft projects. Today's feature is a little different.

As I've been working more this summer, I've decided that cooking when I get home from work is not an option. My husband does a great job of taking care of the kids all day while I'm at work and he is more than willing to cook dinner when I get home (isn't he awesome?). However, since his specialty is mac 'n cheese and hot dogs (no offense, honey), I feel I need to come up with another plan.

Then I remembered reading about Bekki at The Little Red Hen when she was guest posting at Tatertots and Jello. Anyway she was talking about how she cooks 3 month's worth of meals at a time and freezes them.

Now granted, I may not be able to start out by cooking for 3 months at a time, but Bekki started out slowly and maybe I could too. Not only does it save her time each night, but it also keeps them from eating out (which is one of our weaknesses) because there's always something prepared.

I also recently came across this great post about freezing meals over at Vermillion Rules. She also posted this follow up with more great tips.

Anyway, I'd love to try to start doing this. I think it would make life a lot easier...whether I'm working or not! I recently made these Turkey Pesto Meatballs (which were DELICIOUS, by the way) and I froze half of them. So I guess in a way, I've already started!

How about you? Do you freeze meals? Any tips/recipes to share? Do you cook for a week? a month? more?


  1. I agree that freezing meals is very important if you're busy. Easier to get a home cooked meal!! :) Although, I haven't gotten around to doing that yet.

    Following you from Follow Me Friday!! I hope you can stop by our blog too and do the same. Have a great weekend.

  2. I think this is a great future project post! I feel that as moms we need to encourage each other to be well-rounded...all the crafting and decorating is great fun, but how important to encourage each other in other domestic endeavors! I've also found freezer meals to be a fabulous way to bless friends and family members in need of a meal.

  3. I just double whatever I am making that freezes well and freeze half i.e. lasagna, turkey taco meat, meatloaf muffins etc.

    Also, I try and prep what I can on Sunday for the week's meals like chopping veggies, making marinades, etc.

  4. One of the tricks that works for me is... I purchase 20 pounds of lean hamburger... and brown all 20 pounds a pound or two at a time. After is browned I have a plate with several layers of paper towels and pour the cooked meet on it to drain. After the meat has cooled for 5 minutes or so I take a few more paper towels and make sure to soak up any grease I can. I then put the browned meat in labeled freezer bags (hamburger and the date) then freeze! It's great for Hamburger Helper... spaghetti... BBQ... tacos and more! Just un-thaw the hamburger for a few minutes in the microwave. It saves me tons of time in clean up as I only have a greasy mess once every 4 months. Huggies! Vicki


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