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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My (Almost) Organized Play Room

Is it just us or do toys seem to appear out of nowhere at your house, too? I'm convinced they somehow multiply in the middle of the night while we all sleep. Seriously, I don't know where all this STUFF comes from!

So tonight, after my children went to sleep I got busy. I managed to pack up 3 big bags (and a few other things that didn't fit in the bags) of toys, stuffed animals, blocks, junk that they don't play with anymore (and were hiding the toys that they do/would play with).

After seeing what I had cleared out of the play room, I was feeling really good (pat on the back). Surely now it will look organized, with all toys being visible and easily accessible. And then as I prepared to take my pictures for today's blogpost (entitled, "My Amazingly Organized Play Room") I took a good look at it...

Wait, what happened? I turned my back for a second and I swear the toys multiplied again! It still looks CRAZY and CLUTTERED and CHAOTIC! What the heck???

Please tell me my house is not the only one that looks this way...please!?! Seriously, sometimes I feel like I could open up a daycare in my living room! I think our (my) biggest problem is all the STUFF that has to sit on the floor because it's too big for the shelves. If I had a solution to put all of that stuff away, I think I could breathe a little easier. Any ideas???

Needless to say, I (sadly) changed the title of my blogpost to "My Almost Organized Play Room". Oh well, I'm sure it must look better than it did before I purged all of that stuff. Just imagine what that "Before" picture would've looked like! Yikes!

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  1. Your room looks very nice , but it wos work? Nice weekend.Sorry for my English.Romana

  2. hi rebecca! i have heard so many people say they "cycle" through toys and put some away and then change out the available toys once a month. to me, my friend, that sounds like way too much work, and where do they store the toys that are put away- i don't have room for that!! so here is what we do... about once every 2-3 months, we do a thorough clean out and purge anything we don't use. we just got rid of our train table and my son was upset at first, but i reasoned with him. i said look at it right now.... what do you see? he listed off a bunch of stuff because it had become a dumping ground! i asked him where he built his train tracks and his reply was on the floor, so i showed him he didn't need the train table and we could use the space so that we had more toy storage, which means we can have more room for toys! he liked that! i also remind them when birthdays and christmas are coming up that we need to make room for the presents we will be getting and that always works. i also tell them we will be giving them to kids who don't have much to play with, and sadly, they really connect with this last thought. knowing someone else doesn't have much to play with makes them sad and want to give. one day my son started loading up toys he still loved! i actually talked him out of giving up a few. but it was all because he wanted to do something nice! anyhow- i am sorry this was long, but trying to give some real solutions that work for us!

  3. Thanks, Cassie. I think my son is definitely at the age where it would be good for him to understand that there are kids that don't have toys and we need to let go of some of his toys that he doesn't play with anymore. And I agree, I couldn't do the whole "rotate the toys every month" thing!

  4. Toys, I've tried so many is hard!!

  5. oh man. i feel your pain i think. my house is one huge CLUTTER and black hole and we need to organize it asap!

  6. Thanks for your comment! I am impressed by your playroom, I would give anything for mine to look like that! (btw- mine does the same thing, multiplies when I turn my back! - the only time my house is clean is at 5:00 cause my hubby is coming home and I don't want him to think I do nothing all day, and again at 10 when everyone else is in bed.)

  7. Ahhhh! I'm so excited for you! Just heard you won a great giveaway!!! (I'm a little jealous too.)

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  9. Holy cow! The play room looks totally great I love it! Way to go!!


    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!!
    Meet Virginia!!!

  10. Following from Welcome Wednesday.

  11. Um... it looks good to me. Wanna come to my house next?

  12. hi rebecca! came by to say i never mind you using my projects here! unless of course you start a new feature called "what was she thinking wednesday". then i might be insulted. ;)
    also- just got around to reading the confessions you posted prior to this. oh that is so me! i had the pee incident happen once, too and caught it before it reached the bed and then hid it from my husband by changing underwear in the middle of the night. nice, huh? :)

  13. Yea! You have a rody pony too?!?! We found one after Kait went crazy of Rody at physical therapy. It has been a blessing to have Rody for Kait. Room looks great!


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