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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Truth Be Told Tuesdays #2

After last week’s inaugural Truth Be Told Tuesday, I seriously have been looking so forward to our second installment. You all cracked me up and I honestly could relate to almost all of your “truths”. And it made me feel better to know that you’re not all perfect. Hopefully it did the same for you :)

So let’s support each other again this week by embracing our "flaws" and in doing so, realize that we are perfect in our imperfections! So here’s my second truth:

Truth be told, this is what my bedroom usually looks like…


The bed hasn’t been made in weeks, there are clothes Eh-very-where (most clean, some dirty…note my socks on the floor).


I find it easier just to live out of my clean laundry basket rather than actually put my clothes away (or at least that’s what I tell myself every morning when I have to dig for a pair of clean undies!).


I’m pretty sure I haven’t vacuumed this room since 2010 since I can’t even see the floor. At least the cat doesn’t seem to mind the mess!

This is a far cry from where our bedroom started after I expended my blood, sweat and tears to redo it. But unfortunately, this room seems to be the last room I put any energy in to. And I know “they” say your bedroom should be your sanctuary, but by the time I pick up and clean the rest of the house, this is the one room I feel I can let go ‘til next week. But then that becomes the next week, and the next week, and so on and so on.

So now it’s your turn! Tell us your “truth” in the comments, or write a blog post (with pictures!) and give us the link! And I’d really love for as many people as possible to join in on the fun so feel free to post a link on your blog, share it on Facebook, Tweet about it, pass out fliers at your local mall, whatever! The more the merrier :)

Ok, take it away. It’s pretty liberating ;)

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  1. Oooh I'm first this week! Well I totally relate about the bedroom! It's generally the last I clean (if I clean it) but it's more because I clean the rest when the girls are awake and wait until they're asleep for my room...but then I have a million other things to do during tha precious time!
    ok, truth be told....*most* days I forgot I haven't brushed my teeth until about noon...or later. Yep. Pretty sure that's a common one though. Comes with motherhood.

  2. Oh no... this is what my bedroom looks like... only mine is smaller... the bedroom is always the last place to get clean unfortunately!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Following you from


  3. Sometimes if a shirt really should be ironed I just put it in the dirty clothes again and hope it fixes it.. Been known to throw a wrinkle prone shirt in the goodwill pile JUST to avoid the darn iron!

  4. Truth be told, i will go a week without washing dishes because i hate it so much. I wait so long that it takes FOREVER to get everything done and that makes the experience even worse. My poor husband bought paper plates and bowls so he'd have something to eat off of. I say "poor" husband, but i don't feel that bad cuz he could get his butt up and wash them if he really wanted a clean dish!

    Next place we live has GOT to have a dishwasher.

  5. Truth be told, I just mopped my kitchen floor for the first time in a month. It was so bad I had to do it twice. I guess the 5 second rule can become the 10 second rule for a few days!!

  6. truth be told, the only time i shave my legs is when i go outside and feel the breeze blowing my hair.... my leg hair that is. i can run my fingers through my long, brown, leg hair :)

  7. I think you may have just described MY life & MY room, not yours! Ha ha, classic!

  8. hahaha!! LOVE this!! I follow Flylady's cleaning system to keep my house in some semblance of order (impossible with 4 kids!),so I wash and dry a load of laundry every day. But I despise folding clothes, and despise putting them away even more. So, truth be told, I currently have 5 baskets of clean, and now very wrinkly clothes taking up my living room. And I have a load in the dryer and another one in the washer right now!!

  9. Last week my kids were running around naked when I posted and strangely enough, they're doing it again! They think you need to get naked to pretend to be Ariel. I swear she has clothes on our books.

    I have to throw it out there that once I didn't wash my sons crib sheet for so long that I just had to throw it out after I finally took it off the bed. My only defense is that I was pregnant and it was such a hassle to get that mattress out of the crib. Thankfully he wasn't sick during that time, although maybe if he was, it would have been the motivation I needed to change the sheet.

  10. My bedroom looks very similar, but slightly messier. Bed making is for chumps.

  11. jennifer's ramblings and i are so on the same page. i HATE mopping. i can't even remember the last time i mopped my kitchen floor. i pick up little spots, but i hate mopping it.
    as for the beds, i am neurotic about making the beds in the morning- i feel mentally more healthy if all the beds are made.

  12. For me it is vacuuming. I hate it and rarely do it. I hated it so much I ripped up the carpet and painted the subfloor. Now I only have to vacuum the upstairs and the basement, but since no one really sees them, I don't do it very often. Only when I can't stand looking at the lint any longer.

  13. I often forget that I've got laundry going in the basement. I'll go down two days later (or whenever) and realize there's a load sitting in the washer. Once, not that long ago, I went in the basement to get something and thought to myself "Hmm, something stinks down here." I opened the washer to find a load that had been waiting to go in the dryer for almost a week.

  14. haha - cracking up at all the comments... I relate to almost every single one!!! My laundry pile is like a giant monster at times, and my leg hairs... well, don't get me started!

  15. truth be told, my bedroom always looks like this--which is why the door is always closed!

    truth be told, my car smells like sour milk from a bottle that spilled a week ago...and I just left it there. ick.

  16. truth be told, I am glad my kids arn't here anymore because it makes walking downstairs to the laundry room (naked) to get dressed since I never seem to get around to putting the clothes up !! Note to self child 2 is coming home from school this weekend :)

  17. truth be told, my kitchen for the last 7-10 days has been a disaster! crafts and paint and sutff everywhwere! while trying to prepare for a bridal shower (daughter) everything else seems to be taking a backseat. Yesterday the goal was the bedroom (put away clothes and tidy up) the kitchen (find the kitchen table) It's good to know that we all are the same. Even though we show "pretty" pictures. Most of my pictures (taken from the opposite direction-over my shoulder) would show a T-total mess, as my mom would say!
    thanks for truth be told! although I have ya beat! lol
    have a great week Rebecca!


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