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Friday, February 11, 2011

Furniture Advice Needed

I am slowly planning a redo of my living room that is right off the kitchen. I don't have a great current picture of the room, and trust me when I say it's in NO CONDITION to photograph right now (between the snow days and the flu, we need a hazmat team to come do a sweep of the house!).

Anyway, one of the (many) trouble spots in this room is the TV cabinet. I like the cabinet and I like that it has storage, but I don't like that you can see through the glass cabinet door to all of my *stuff*.
(I'd already taken the glass door off, but this is pretty much what it looked like even with the door on.)

I had the brilliant idea of frosting the glass making it opaque so I could still keep my *stuff* in their and not have to give up that valuable storage space. So I bought a can of spray frosting and gave it a couple of coats.

I love the look of the frosting, but here's the problem...

You may not be able to see my *stuff*, but you can certainly see that it's pretty junky in there. So now I don't know what to do with it. Hence my plea to you, my creative bloggy friends. Any suggestions for how to solve the dilemma of how to make the still-somewhat-transparent glass door more opaque? I've thought about covering it with fabric or paper, but will that stick to the frosting? HELP! You all have given me some great advice on other projects so I am anxious to hear your thoughts!


  1. I have no idea if it will stick to the frosting...but I covered my glass in fabric using Mod-podge and it works beautifully!!

  2. Maybe try some of those fabric baskets from the dollar tree (or there's tutes floating around blogland for covering cardboard boxes with fabric). That way you can just stuff everything in/behind baskets, so it'll look neater through the glass?

    Obviously I didn't have any tips on the door or frosting lol

  3. Is the frosting on the outside? If so, what about putting something on the inside (black paper, patterned paper or fabric that goes with your decor, etc. so that you see it through the frosting?

  4. i think the mod podge would stick over the frosting- it sticks to everything!!!
    my other thought would be painting chalkboard paint over it which would hide everything... or even that mirrored paint, though that might distract from the tv. you could always paint a damask or stencil over the frosted area and it wouldn't hire what was behind but it would certainly distract attention.

  5. I got nothing for ya, but I just do like the look of that frosted glass and had no clue it came in a spray can. I am learning something new everyday when blogging. Lovin it :)


  6. I think I would go with baskets or even recycle boxes and cover them with pretty fabrics and use that as your bins. :) Maybe? Or like the other one says you can use the Mod Podge and maybe stick it on the outside and just use ribbons on the side to cover the raw edges or something. :) Or maybe use stencils like the same style as your blog background and use that on your frosted glass? Or those contact papers and cut them into your own designs and just peel and stick. Just like what Shoestring Pavilion did to her fridge where she uses contact papers.

    I sure hope this helps! :)

    Adin B

  7. I think you should paint the whole shelf a popping color and then put funky fabric baskets inside. People will wow and the color which will defer from the clutter.


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