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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Future Garden

One of the projects I want to tackle this Spring/Summer is to plant a garden. I want to teach my kids that fruits and vegetables don't come from a grocery store. We had a garden when I was a kid but I don't really know anything about planting/growing/maintaining a garden. But that's what libraries and the internet are for, right?

So let me show you the site of My Future Garden...

Isn't it a beautiful space? ;)

How about the diving board at the back (mind you, we don't have a pool!). I was afraid to journey any further than this...can you say snakes???

We've even been working on our compost...

Is it weird that I asked for this compost tumbler for my birthday?

So if you can't find me this Spring, I'm probably buried under all those weeds! Or I've been eaten by the giant snake that I am just sure has taken up residence back there!

So for those of you that are successful gardeners, any tips? Any good gardening blogs? Any advice for good Texas crops?


  1. Is it sad that I'm actually happy to know that someone else is faced with a space that can rival mine and they too can look at it and envision a garden? Gives me hope. Good luck and happy gardening.

  2. my handy go to is my dad, farmer farmer farmer. i have learned alot in the pass 3 years. Valentines day is the mark to plan most of your spring/summer spend the weekend clearing your bed and prepping the ground. i usually get good compost and massage it into the current dirt. you current dirt probably lacks nutrients. you can hit marshal grains or other stores for some good organic compost and fertizlers. also, put some molasses pellets in. that will keep your ants , especially the fire ants away. we have a tiller, but you can do the shovel and back burn to till it. do keep in mind that all of north texas has been hit by blight which effects tomotoes. just about all famer markets complain about this spell, so don't be discouraged if you find dead tomotoe plants come juneish. you will yield some fruit, but not bulk.

  3. keep in mind, your compost should smell good. if it smells like rotten crap (there is such a thing), you have missed the mark on putting all attributes into the mix.


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