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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happiness is...fabric delivered to my door!

Hello, my name is Rebecca and I'm addicted to fabric. I fully admit to this and I embrace it 100%. Fabric makes me happy ☺

So imagine how happy I was when this was delivered to my door this week...

{Doing my happy dance.}

Ahhh...the magic of online shopping. If you haven't ever come across Hawthorne Threads before, you must go check it out (or maybe not, depending on what your checkbook is telling you this morning). I have to really be careful not to get out of control when it comes to buying fabric from them because everything is so beautiful! They have an awesome "Sale" section, too, which is where all of this fabric came from. {Patting myself on the back.}

I don't have any plans for these fabrics yet...but that's really not an issue for a fabric addict like myself. Who's with me? Any other fabric addicts out there? You know who you are!


  1. Gosh those are cute! I dare not visit that site or I'll be in some real trouble! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  2. Ha! I am with you. I am a textile hoarder. :-)

  3. all beautiful choices, rebecca! that blue/green flower one is my fave!!!!

  4. I got fabric in the mail today tooooo!! Yay! It was actually the first time I ever ordered fabric online...and it won't be the last! :)


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