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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Plastic Surgery for my Daughter?


As I watched the Oscars last night, a thought occurred to me. How would I feel if my daughter came to me and said she wanted to have plastic surgery? I have never had plastic surgery but I generally don't care if other people do (unless you end up looking like Joan Rivers!). But what if your daughter wants to do it? You look at things a lot differently when you look through the parent-of-a-daughter lens.

The body image battle faced by young girls in our society is an epidemic. And with the "perfection" that our daughters see in magazines, on TV and in movies, even their dolls, it seems like such a hard battle to combat.

So how do we teach our daughters to love their bodies, to accept who they are and what they look like, to embrace their beauty and their flaws? I don't have the answers but I'm hoping that if my daughter sees me accepting my body, embracing my beauty and being proud of who I am, that she will too.

For all of you moms of daughters out there, especially those of you with grown daughters, how did you fight this battle? I have a few years before it becomes an issue so I'm going to stock up on my positive-body-image-ammunition now!

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  1. last summer emmy broke my heart because she didn't want to wear this adorable two piece because it showed her belly... she was 3 and her belly is adorable. it will definitely be a challenge, but i think getting kids involved with activities that help them establish self-confidence is vital. emmy does dance, gymnastics, and art classes- and she does well and is proud of herself over these accomplishments. these are the things thta need to be be nurtured so self loathing and doubt don't creep in and overtake.


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