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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Pacifier Battle That Never Was

I've been putting off the battle over the pacifier for awhile now. My daughter just turned 2 and I was just waiting to psych myself up enough to be ready to handle the crying, the guilt, the sleepless nights, the disturbance in nap schedules.

Well a funny thing happened this daughter managed to lose all 3 of her pacifiers in the few hours between waking up in the morning and nap time.

So when it came time to put her down for her nap, I told her we couldn't find her pacifiers and she'd have to sleep without one. Can you guess what happened next? She took a nap without her pacifier! Without me having to rock her to sleep, without any drama, without me having to stay in the room with her, without any extra bells a whistles at all...and without her pacifier! It's been about 4 days without the pacifier and it's as if she never had one

I guess it's like so many other milestones in our children's lives...they're ready for them a lot sooner than we are (sniff, sniff...).


  1. a similar thing happened to us with sawyer... he started losing them and we stopped replacing them. he was down to one, and sucked a hole in it from sucking so hard, so he and i threw it away together and that was that! they just have to be ready, and sometimes they're there before we even know it! congrats!

  2. today is our first day being paci-free! my little man lost his last two yesterday somehow and we've made it through last night, nap today and he's down for the night. so far, so good! Glad it was easy for your little one too!

  3. Congratulations on the "no paci" success! We had a similar experience with our son; he was 2 1/2 and my hubby and I were dreading taking away the paci ... then one night we put him to bed and he took the paci out of his mouth and said, "no paci". That was it! He gave it up on his own! :o)

    Congrats again ... whoop!

  4. That is great! What a great little girl you have there.


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