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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hair Bow Tutorial

After Monday's Good Morning Texas segment, I thought I'd share a written tutorial for making the hair bow I demonstrated on the show.

Here's a look at some of the fun clips I've made using this simple method.

These are the Super Bowl Clips I made.

{Single and Double Layer Starbursts.}

{Single and Double Layer Starbursts.}

And here is the KISS-inspired clip I made since Gene Simmons was going to be on Good Morning Texas the same day as me...but unfortunately his segment was taped :( I was really looking forward to seeing his entourage and all the hub bub surrounding someone with his star power.

I call it the Starburst design and you can make them in single or double layers. I'll demonstrate the single layer, but will talk about the double layer at the end.

Here's what you'll need:

a glue gun (I prefer a fine tip glue gun for making these. You can find them at any craft store with the other glue guns)
3/8" ribbon
hair clip (I will demonstrate with the alligator clip but you can use a barrette style, too. You can buy these at craft stores or beauty supply stores. I buy mine at the beauty supply as they're cheaper.)

Step 1: Cut your ribbon in to(1) 7" piece, (4) 4" pieces and (1) 3" piece

Step 2: Using a small dab of glue, glue each of your 4" pieces in to a circle.

Step 3: Now put a small dab (are you sensing a theme here? Less is more when it comes to hot glue) of glue on the inside of each circle and pinch the circle together.

{Note to self: moisturize hands tonight!}

Step 4: Take your 3" piece and tie a knot in it. There are a couple of other options here, depending on your personal preference.

You could just wrap the center...

Or add a ribbon roll to the center...

Step 5: Glue your knot to one of your "circles" then wrap the edges around the underneath side and glue those down.

Step 6: Glue each of the "circles" together to form a cross (you will now have 2 crosses).

Step 7: Glue the 2 crosses together. This is what your finished clip will look like.

Step 8b: This is the hard part...gluing your ribbon to the clip. (If you're using a barrette, you can skip to step 9). There is one really important trick to this part of the process - work glue dries really quickly! Start by putting about 2" of glue on one end of your ribbon. Open your clip and glue from the inside/top and wrap it around to the outside/top. It should look like this:

Step 8b: Put about 1" of glue on your ribbon right where the other glue ended and wrap your ribbon around and in the clip-part. Just kind of push the ribbon in there and the glue will stick where it needs to.

Step 8c: Put glue on the remainder of your ribbon. IMPORTANT: before you begin to glue this last strip of ribbon down, OPEN YOUR CLIP AND HOLD IT OPEN UNTIL YOU'RE DONE. Otherwise you will glue the bottom and the top together. Ok, so once you've opened your clip, quickly press the ribbon along the botton/outside of the clip and wrap it around to the bottom/inside of the clip. And now give yourself a pat on the back because you're done with the hardest part!...hopefully without too many hot glue burns!

Step 9: Put glue along the length of the clip and glue your starburst in place.

And voila! You have a cute, easy, inexpensive hair clip for your little one. And since they're so easy and cheap, you could make one for every outfit!

Double Layer: If you're making a double layer starburst, in addition to the supplies above, you will also need (4) 5" pieces. Repeat steps 1-3 and steps 6 & 7 with your 5" pieces. Then simply glue the 2 layers together. And then move on to step 8 & 9 (covering your clip and gluing your starburst on it).

Let me know if you make some for your little one!

***As always, please only use this tutorial for your personal use. DO NOT use this tutorial to make starburst clips to sell.***

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  1. I'm excited to try! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. This is lovely. I am hosing a giveaway on my blog. Would love for you to stop by!

  4. Aw, those are really sweet. I think I need to make a bunch with velcro on the backs so I can put them on clips or bands. Thanks for sharing! I'm your newest follower.

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  6. I love these! Thanks for the clear tutorial...I will be making these for my niece!!!

    Thanks so much for linking up to "20 Below Thursday"!!

  7. Adorable! I've always wondered how to make these.

    I'm visiting from Amanda's party.

  8. Super cute bows!!! Love them! This is a different method than I use. I might have to try it your way.

  9. Those are adorable! I have two little girls that I {LOVE} to make bows for, but I haven't seen this type around. Thanks for the tutorial, I'm going to try this!

  10. These are so cute!!! My girls love to wear bows in their hair. I'd love to try my hand at these. :) Thanks for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party. :) Have fun finding some new reads, and I hope you'll stop by Serenity Now again soon. :)

  11. Very cute! Thanks for posting this tutorial! I'll have to make some of these for my daughter.

  12. That is so adorable! And very great tutorial! I would love for you to come link up with me as well if you haven't stopped by yet! Best link each month gets prizes!

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  14. I came across this on pinterest last night and had everything I needed and thought this looked easy enough for my first attempt at making my own bows for my 8 year and 1 year old... I did 3 in a matter of minutes and they are supper cute! Can't wait to get more specific ribbon to go w some of their cute matching outfits to make more :) Thanks for sharing!


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