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Monday, February 14, 2011

New Shop Item – Bath Cloths

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  We finally had a beautiful weekend (weather-wise) but my son was sick with the flu so we were mostly stuck inside again :(  But at least it meant time to get some things ready for the shop!  I'll be listing my new bath cloths in the shop throughout the week (I'm trying out that Etsy strategy) but I wanted to share them with you all first (because you all are the best)!


These have seriously transformed bathtime at our house.  My kids love the bath…but they don’t love getting their hair and faces rinsed.  So we started using these cloths so they could cover up their faces and guess what?  No more crying!  I seriously could dump a bucket of water on their heads and it wouldn’t bother them.  How is this cloth so magical, you ask?  It’s because it’s made of fleece on one side and flannel on the other, both of which are super absorbent.



Another great thing about these cloths is that they are very versatile.  You can use them as washcloths in the bath or after mealtime, throw one in your diaper bag to clean up any messes that come your little one’s way, use it as a shield when changing little boy diapers, the possibilities are endless!



I’m selling them in sets of 2 for $5.  Like I said, I’ll be listing them in the shop throughout the week, but if you see a set you like here, email me because I’m offering FREE SHIPPING to all of you lovlies this week.



  1. GREAT IDEA!!! I think I need a set! Can you do a mismatched set (one boy-ish and one girl-ish so each of my kiddos can have one??). Lemme know :)

  2. Maybe one with the blue birds, and one of the pink & orange floral ones. A-dorable! If not, I may just get the owl set which is sort of gender neutral.

  3. those are adorable!!!! i love the pink and orange set- sooo cute!


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