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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Future Project Friday #15 - Girl's Dresses

One thing I would love to do more of is make clothes for my daughter. I've only made one dress for her before and I think it turned out pretty cute (though it turned out to be more of a shirt).

Recognize the hair clip? ;)

With this new goal on my To-Do list in mind, I've been on the hunt for some cute, free, and easy dress patterns that I could start out with (I have to do something with all of that fabric I am collecting!).

Here are a few of my favs:

I love this upcycled T-shirt dress from The Cottage Home. It's a great way to reuse those shirts that are too short but still fit the body. And's adorable! BTW, you have to check out her shop because she makes the most adorable children's clothing!

And while I'm not sure if this Party Dress (also from The Cottage Home) falls in to the "easy" category it is super-cute so I had to include it!

And how about this Itty Bitty Dress by Made by Rae? So cute! She's also got a pattern for a Ric Rac dress that is adorbs!

When I finally sit down to make my daughter a dress, I think I'm going to start with this one because I.Love.It! Those gals over at Prudent Baby make the cutest stuff!

And how about this little off the shoulder number? Yup, those Prudent Mamas again!

So here's my question to all of you that are more experienced at clothes-making than I am (uh, considering I've only made 1 item!). Do you have any tricks of the trade that you can pass on? Any patterns that you love that you can share with us? Do you think these are all "beginner" projects? If you've posted about clothes you've made, share the link with us in your comment!


  1. My sewing skills are pretty limited and I've had great luck with Lil Blue Boo's patterns. You use old tshirts instead of yardage and I have found them pretty forgiving with mistakes. The Sienna Dress was my first. Here's her pattern shop:

  2. That party dress is adorable! I don't have much experience sewing dresses but I would check out lil blue boo. I've heard good things about them!

  3. No trickes to share here, I am a no-sew gal. I plan to learn this year though so take good noties to pass on to me later :)

  4. That word was supposed to be "notes" not "noties." oops.

  5. no sewing skills haven't sewed in over 30 years. to make anything is a miracle. best in your sewing attempts. rose

  6. i have seen little girl dresses made from pillow cases, especially the fabric from the 70's (which tend to populate goodwill)


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