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Saturday, February 26, 2011

SAHM Sanity Saver


Being a stay at home mom (SAHM) can be tough sometimes. But even on the worst days, I always have one saving grace to look forward to...nap time. No matter how our morning starts out, it usually turns around after nap time. And when I say "it usually turns around," I mean that Mommy gets a little break and is able to face the afternoon with renewed energy, positivity and peace.

I am fortunate because my son is almost 4 and he still takes a 2 hour nap every day. I know plenty of other kids his age who have given up their daily nap. I can sympathize with their moms because I just can't imagine what it must be like to face those difficult Mommy days without the promise of a break.

This week has been a rough one. My 2 year old has only slept about 30 minutes for her afternoon nap. It's torture! She's fighting a cold so after about 30 minutes of sleep her nose starts running and she begins to cough and wakes up. But unfortunately she will not go back to sleep.

I am hoping (praying) that this is only a temporary setback in our nap schedule and that after she feels better she will resume her regular 2 hour nap again. But in the meantime, Mommy needs a Mommy break!

For all of you SAHM's, what do you do to maintain your sanity? It'd be nice to have a backup plan for weeks like these!


  1. oh how i remember those days! it's difficult, especially when they're sick. but nap time was always my refuge as well.. pretty much the only time i could shower! lol anywho.. i would always try to get them interested in something quiet, for a while.. just so i could breathe. doesn't always work, but sometimes it did! :)

  2. Nap time is BLISS!! Both of mine still nap for the most part, but at times my oldest just isn't sleepy. He has a mini-dvd player that we use on trips, so I let him watch a movie quietly while he lays in bed. He often falls asleep while watching it. If the little one is up earlier than planned, I stop whatever I'm working on and just veg out on the couch with them for some cartoons and a snack. I'm not going to bother continuing to work, but I'm still going to get a break in the day and relax.

  3. neither of my kids nap anymore but when they did and they were home, i would set them up with an activity similar to what i was doing or wanted to accomplish. just last week i was trying to get a custom order done, so i found some flower pots and sawyer painted those while i painted a china cabinet! we chatted the whole time and we both were happy.

  4. My baby of five will be 18 this coming it has been awhile, but just stick to your routine and as her breathing improves, her nap should go back to normal. I worked in the 4 year old preschool class at my school for years and was amazed at how easy it was to get the kids to sleep most days, but there was always that one or two, upsetting the apple cart, lol. It would be nice if the little one continues her long naps as the older one grows out of them, so that could be y'alls time together. Good luck! Lezlee

  5. Rebecca,
    I was a SAHM and now my girls are 23 (almost 24) and 21...those were by far the best years ever...when they were young. Hop over have been featured at COASTAL CHARM.



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