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Monday, May 10, 2010

Clothes Swap

A couple of months ago, a friend of mine invited me to a Clothes Swap. She had been to one earlier in the year and insisted it was so much fun. For those of you that don't know, a Clothes Swap is when a bunch of women get together with all of their clothes that they don't wear, doesn't fit, are sick of, etc... and they swap with each other. Everybody takes home some "new" clothes for free! Say no clothes, I was in! This particular swap was organized by a ministry that helps women get back in to the workforce by providing them with free clothes. So all of the clothes that didn't get snatched up would be donated to the ministry.

(That's me, second from the right with my booty!)

I wish I could describe to you the exhilaration that came as I waited for my number to be called so I could frantically rummage through the racks grabbing my new treasures. My heart was pounding, I was eying every piece of clothing that every other woman was grabbing, sizing it up to see if it was a piece I was missing out on. Finally, my number was called and I rushed to the racks, grabbed my clothes and returned to my spot along the wall (did I mention you only have 60 seconds to grab 5 items?).

Then after everyone had grabbed their 5 items, clothes started flying off of women's bodies as they began trying on their new articles of clothing. There was no such thing as modesty! I swear, if you had been a fly on that wall, the things you would've seen! As you tried something on, if it didn't fit you, you passed it on to someone else who had been hoping it wasn't going to work for you. You could also go back to the racks for as many items as you could find. It was definitely organized chaos.

What my friends and I noticed was that we ended up with some of each other's clothes. So we decided that before the next Swap, we're going to have a pre-swap with each other. It seems that everyone these days is trying to save money and buying clothes is often a luxury that gets cut when looking for ways to cut back. So I would encourage you to get together with a bunch of your friends, each bring a bottle of wine, get the husbands to watch the kids, and swap!

Have any of you ever been to a clothes swap before? I'm already setting aside clothes in my closet for the next one!

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  1. I can't wait for the next swap. If you do one, let me know. I will be there.


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