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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Backyard Redo (in progress)

Remember my plan to makeover my backyard patio in the spirit of Better Homes and Gardens? Well it's still a work in progress. I've been doing little projects here and there and I'm already feeling so much better about it. The impetus for this makeover was my No-Fly-Away Tablecloth that I made out of a shower curtain. I am happy to report that it works beautifully and I still LOVE the bright, fun flowers.

So next on my list was an offset umbrella to provide some relief from the Texas sun. I found one at It was only $100 with FREE shipping! What a deal! The stepping stones used to weigh down the umbrella legs were just too boring for words, so I bought a bunch of plants and turned it in to a little potted garden.

My next job was to find something cute and weather resistant to house all of the outdoor toys that collect in and around my new "oasis." I found this cute, rubber bin at Garden Ridge for $7.

I simply drilled some drainage holes in the bottom and voila! Unsightly toys are now tucked away...out of sight.

(Ok, so maybe we had more trucks than I had realized and might need to make another run to Garden Ridge for a second bin.)

Finally, now that I put plants in all of my pots that had just been sitting empty, full of dirt, my children no longer had anywhere to dig. So I bought a couple of inexpensive pots (also at Garden Ridge), drilled drainage holes and filled them with dirt. Now my kids can help me "garden" without actually digging in my flowers.

So there you have it. Not Better Homes and Gardens yet, but I'm working on it!

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  1. I'm trying to get lots of yard projects done too! I just love spring and summer!

  2. What a great idea for the umbrella! We are in desperate need of some shade too and have been redoing our backyard. Come check it out if you have a moment. Found you on Strut your stuff and am your newest follower!

  3. i love getting the yard ready before the big blood sucking mosquitos come out. most of my "decor" in my yard have come from crap that people through out. and repurposing it like the shower curtain will come in handy.

  4. I like your pots. I have been working on sprucing up my backyard and patio too. It sure is a lot of work huh? I am also in Texas.

  5. I'm a new Friday Follower! Visit me at and sign up for my newest giveaway!

  6. Adorable ideas! Love that your kids can now garden and dig too! So cute!

  7. Looking good! Next year, once our major home remodel is done, we are focusing on our yard. I love your umbrella with the potted plants underneath. Great idea!

  8. What wonderful ideas!! Love what you're doing with it all!!
    Thanks for sharing and linking up to I'm Lovin'It! Have a FABULOUS weekend!

  9. Looks great! I might have to get one of those umbrellas! Love it!

  10. Your potted garden is so sweet! I love how you've clustered it around the umbrella.

  11. Love your little "pot garden" lol! We still have frost here so I am very envious of your garden and yard. It all looks great!


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