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Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Not-So-Great-Mom Day

Do you ever have those days when you feel like your children are acting crazy, you're constantly saying "no" and the day is just no fun for anyone involved? I had one of those days yesterday.

Here's the really hard part about days like's usually about me, not the kids. If I'm being truly honest with myself, it's usually me that's being impatient and distracted, not them misbehaving. So it's really a Not-So-Great-Mom day, rather than a Not-So-Great-Child day.

One of my goals as a parent is to be PRESENT in my children's lives (hence the title of my blog). But on those Not-So-Great-Mom days, I'm NOT being present and it's sometimes hard to turn those days around. Usually if I just recognize that it's me and not the kids, I can change my attitude and turn the day around. But sometimes it's easier said than done. Yesterday it was not so easy. My funk remained until I left for my biweekly yoga class (thank goodness for yoga!).

But today is a new day and we as mothers are entitled to an off day every now and then (and a day off would be nice, too!).

Here's a question for all of you moms out there; how to you recover from your Not-So-Great-Mom days?


  1. I spend time with my husband - the whole reason I have kids - it helps tremendously...

  2. starbucks, bikini wax and a hot calgon bath followed with a glass of cheap wine. i am a no thrills kinda girl, but sometimes having some me time will recharge me to be a better mommy. Cheers to another day..

  3. @Melissa-good point! It does seem like when I'm in a "funk" I need to reconnect with 1)my husband or 2)myself!
    @Ardis-I'm going to try to get a little "me time" this weekend! Hopefully it will re-energize me!

  4. When I have one of those days I try to get the kids and myself out of the house. Sometimes just a change of scenery is all I need to perk back up!

  5. Usually some time for myself (in absolute silence) do the trick, sometimes sleep helps a lot!! ;)

  6. I try to go on a date once a week and get away and go to the store i love. It is ok to have those days. The next day is a new chance....Women don't have it easy and our hormones just mess us up too. Being tired. On those days, i just relax, grab the remote and take it easy :)
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