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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Future Project Friday #5

If you're new to the blog, I'm super excited you're here. And if you're not new to the blog, thanks for coming back! Future Project Friday is a weekly post where I feature a project that is on my ever-growing "To Make" list. I know I can't possibly get to every project on that list, but that doesn't stop me from continually adding to the arsenal! Since I know I won't make my way through my list I figured I'd share some of my favorites with case you get to the project before I do.

I've been seeing all kinds of cute Apron tutorials in blogland lately and I totally want to make one! I haven't decided on which style I like (or which would be easiest for my meager sewing skills) so I thought I'd share several of them with you.

I love this darling, double-sided Grandma Apron from Melissa at Frakers Acres. The shape of it is so sweet and I love the detail of the little bow on the pocket.

Her tutorial seems really easy to follow, I totally think I could make this one!

I think the Girlfriend Apron from Emily over at Toad's Treasures is really cute and it looks pretty easy (what could be better?).

The directions seem really easy to follow and I love that she has a TON of pictures (I'm definitely a visual learner!). I also think the name of her apron is cute. It was inspired by Dr. Laura who suggests we should all be our "husband's girlfriends."

This Vintage Style Apron from Sew 4 Home seems a little beyond my sewing abilities, but I had to include it because I just love it. (Heels are definitely required with this one!)

Maybe I could make a simpler apron using this adorable, retro fabric!

And finally, this Simple Apron tutorial from Bari J is my absolute FAVORITE.

I LOVE the fabrics that she uses! I want this apron! Check out the tutorial because she shows several different aprons and I love the fabric combinations that she uses. The tutorials are in PDF format and seem very comprehensive. I'm not sure how "simple" this Simple Apron is, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

So what do you all think about aprons? Are they outdated? Do you use one? Does your husband think you look sexy in one? Do you think it makes you a better cook ;) ?

P.S. I'm considering an Apron Giveaway since I've hit 100 followers! Yay!!! What do you all think? Interested?


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  3. Hi! How nice of you to feature the Girlfriend apron! It really is easy. You'll have to post a pict of the one you choose to make!
    Great blog BTW!


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